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Golden Gate USA is an educational agency that guides and consults students all around the globe, to attend colleges and universities all around the world. With loads of available resources and an extensive network of connections, we guide you through the process by providing valuable information, to make sure that you make to your dream course in your college, seamlessly.

We have always been committed to make sure that students that get in touch with us, receive the best value for what they have paid. At Golden Gate USA, it’s not merely about consulting and providing you with some guides and tons of information resources. We believe in delivering a service that crafts you a straightforward, customized and a detailed action plan to make it through. From applying to visa to applying to the colleges and finally adjusting in the country you looking to study in, we remain by your side and make you walk through the process, effortlessly.





what stands us out?

Our ability to play on our customers’ part and tailoring solutions for each one of our customers set us apart from the rest. Over the years, we have realized that there is no single plan of action that perfectly caters for every applying candidate. Therefore, we deliver you customized plans, based on your educational background, financial conditions, courses you want to pursue and colleges you are looking forward to get admitted to.  Despite, being a time taking and an extensive route, customized solutions ensure much better results and take you where you have always wanted to be.

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Our mission is to deliver our customers with flexible, efficient and affordable solutions, that is going to admit them to the best colleges in USA.
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We focused on optimizing the whole process and making it convenient for our Clients

We understand the pressures that an international student has to go through the jittery process of applying to the best colleges in US and finally making it to them and therefore, we leave no stone unturned to help you realize your dreams. We put ourselves in your shoes and leverage you with unlimited support. Our experience, connections, knowledge and resources let you achieve your dreams.

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The GG Study Abroad team will assist you throughout the complete application process answering any questions you may have. Our team speaks a diverse number of languages and will support you throughout your application journey providing helpful information along the way.

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We are really proud to partnerships with more than 360 institutions between language centers, colleges, and universities all across the worlds.

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