Global students are increasingly eager to travel abroad and seize the opportunity to develop academic skills that would enhance their careers and enable them to go into the field of professional life with full confidence and strong will. Malaysian universities are the first destination for millions of students across the Arab world and globally, they are seeking to benefit from the international experience and prestigious academic status that Malaysia has as a global gateway to culture and scientific research.

Studying in the United States is going to be one of the favorite destinations of those who wish to spend a season abroad. If you want to spend a year studying in the USA, you can take a degree or validate some high school studies. A study in the United States can also get you into an American university. Some semi-annual programs abroad take place in the USA. They can also be combined with volunteer work or exam preparation courses.

The commercial aviation industry will need 679,000 maintenance technicians by 2035 in order to service industry demand, according to Boeing. In its 2016 Pilot and Technician Outlook unveiled on Monday (July 25) at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, the OEM said demand for maintenance engineers had grown 11.3 percent since its last study in 2015 and around 35,000 are required annually.

Who is eligible to apply for the INTI International Education Scholarship?
INTI International University & Colleges is proud to offer the INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP for International Students this 2018. In our effort to provide individuals the opportunity to pursue a world-class education, INTI International University & Colleges is offering an education scholarship for new international students enrolling in the 2017 Academic Year.

[:en]Studying in a foreign country is a lifetime experience, allowing students to experience different cultures, languages, and people, along with giving you the exposure that is going to take you places. Investing your efforts and money in getting the degree from a reputed university is going to be life changing, but the struggle most students face is choosing the right country and university. For that matter, check out six best countries to start your search with and see which offers best educational and career opportunities for you:[:]

So you want to study abroad. Whether you hope to spend a summer or a semester exploring an exciting international city, spend a whole year in a new country, or even earn your degree at an international university, living and studying abroad might be an experience that sets you apart from the pack. And the adventure of a lifetime. But what if the price tag is a little daunting? Is your dream of the international life just out of reach? Not quite! Here are five possible options to consider to help you figure out how to pay to study abroad.

Perhaps the section you wrote on study abroad is one of the strongest elements of your application. If so, that’s a great starting off point. Study abroad is a positive thing to tie into your answers during the interview. The best way to prepare is to practice, so try drilling yourself. Read the questions below (or have someone read them to you) and do your best to answer aloud on the spot. When it seems applicable, tie study abroad into your answer!

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