Education in Australia

Given that it is pretty easy to get a visa for studying in Australia and pretty affordable to get a degree as compared to other universities of the similar stature in other developed countries like US or UK, the process is still pretty competitive. There are thousands of international students applying in different programs each year from all around the world which makes it fairly hard to get into the top universities and colleges in Australia. Moreover, although the living and study costs are pretty low as compared to other developed countries, it is still good to check out the financial feasibility in the first place. So, here’s a slight insight into how much it costs to live and study in Australia.

The costs greatly vary depending on the university and program you are enrolled in. Going by the rule of thumb, degrees like engineering and medicine involving use of high end technology and labs cost more as compared to social sciences and humanities.

For undergraduate programs, the cost varies from AU$14000-AU$16000 per annum for liberal arts while for sciences the program generally costs AU$16000-$22000 per annum. While these figures are just typical ranges, the actual fees can be different depending on the specific university.

Similarly, for Masters and postgraduate programs, the fess typically range from AU$18000-AU$24000 per annum.

For language courses, the fees greatly depend on the duration of the course you are taking. Typically, the fees range from AU$300-$AU430. For students enrolled in English language courses, a monthly package of AU$2000-AU$2500 would generally suffice, including living, food and transportation costs.

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