Study in France

Why Study in France?

study in france France is the center of Western Europe. If you want to travel, you can visit a number of European and African countries in just a few hours. France has strong cultural influence as it has always made major contributions to history, arts, sciences and politics of Europe.
1- Learning French easily:
As an international student, if you decided to study in France, you will have the opportunity to learn French easily. While advanced students may occasionally struggle with trickery topics, students of conversational French are likely to experience easily.

2- Rich Culture:
France has an amazing culture. As an international student, living in France means soaking up all this culture. France has both traditional and contemporary culture.

3- High-Quality Education:
France is interested in the higher education and the French government always invests in research. French business schools, in particular, have gained a reputation worldwide for quality education and a competitive outlook. French institutions are also highly regarded in humanities and arts subjects.

4- Scholarship for non-EU students:
As an international student, you can choose from many scholarships available just for you, which makes France an affordable destination for those who have tight budgets.

 Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

Tuition Fees in France:

Tuition Fees at Public Universities:

Most public universities are free and other range from 1500 -3600 Euro for local and international students, once they finish all French language level.

Tuition Fees at Private Universities:

Starts from 1500 and can reach 15.000 Euro per year.

– In Business Schools: between 5000 to 7000 Euro per year.

Living Expenses cost in France:

Estimated Cost of Living:

– Paris: between 800 to 1200 Euro per month.

– Nice: between 600 to 950 Euro per month.

– Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux or Toulouse: between 600 to 900 Euro per year.

– For the rest of France: 600 Euro per month.

General Costs per Month on average:
Housing 200 – 300 Euro
Food 200 – 250 Euro
Transportation 17 – 33 Euro
Books 50 Euro
Healthcare and insurance 20 – 50 Euro

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