Study in Georgia





Why Study in Georgia?

Georgia is a great place to live and study in. As an international student, you will have a great experience by choosing Georgia to study and live in.

Here are top four reasons to study in Georgia:

1- Language: As an international student, you will have the chance to study the Georgian language, it will not help you much in your college career, but it will give you an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and learn a new language, which will be good in your CV. You will also have the chance to study in English, which is the most spoken language in the world.

2- History: Georgia is an important stop on ancient trade routes between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, to the Soviet Union, Georgia’s history is a long, exciting, diverse and intense story, which is worthy for you to study it.

3- Safety: Georgia has proven to be a comfortable and welcoming place where international students can feel at ease navigating through life independently.

4- Cultural Fusion: Georgia’s food, culture, architecture, and art show influences from every direction, blending together with the pieces of Georgia’s own unique identity to create a traveler’s dream destination.


Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

Tuition Fees in Georgia:

For international students: tuition fees will cost you around 4500$ per year.

Living Expenses cost in Georgia:

Living expenses will cost you around $2400 per year.

Other expenses will cost you around $1.000 per year

Estimated Cost of Living:

The total cost of the study year in Georgia will cost you around $7000 per year.

Housing will cost you between $200 to $400 per month depending on the size and the place of the apartment you will live in.

General Costs per Month on average:
Housing 700 – 2000 USD
Food 300 – 500 USD
Sports 32 – 42 USD
Transportation 90 USD
Utilities 135 – 190 USD
Internet 55 USD

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