Study in Germany

Why Study in Germany?

study in germany
Here are top four reasons to study in Germany:

1- Safe Country:
Germany is considered as a safe country compared to other countries. Day or night, in town or in the countryside, you can walk in there freely and safely without any worries.

2- an Interactive web of Academia and Research:
Germany has an interactive web of Academia and research as it has many universities all over the country, which form a web of high education institutions. In addition, these universities can find you a job in the field that you have studied in, after your graduation.

3- Top Quality Education:
Germany has one of the best universities in the world, as it makes sure always to have the best teaching and research methods all over the world. Your degree will be recognized internationally.

4- Better Job Chances:
Studying in Germany gives you better job chances in the future because your degree will be attractive to the employers and it also will be respected all over the world.

Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

Tuition in Germany:

Depend on the institutions level if private or public universities and the instruction language.

  • Private universities: which language of instruction is English tuition start from 5000 to 9000 Euro per academic year.
  • Public universities: which language of instruction is German most of them are FREE which students have to pay € 250 – 500 only per year admission fee.
  • German language courses: Tuition fee between € 5000 – 7000 per year.
  • English language courses: Tuition fee between € 5000 – 10000 per year.

Living Expenses cost in Germany:

The cost of living in Germany is reasonable compared to other Europeans countries. In large cities, costs vary depending on where you live.

Estimated Cost of Living:

Students require 400 to 800 Euro per months in order to cover the cost of living in Germany.

Housing will cost you about 200 to 400 Euro per month.

General Costs per Month on average:


300 EUR


160 EUR

Health insurance

160 EUR


90 EUR

Telephone, Internet, TV

30 EUR

In general, the cost for the Academic year roughly 8000 Euro for languages course and living expenses.

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