Study in Malta

Why Study in Malta?

study in Malta
Malta is a great place to study and live in. it is one of the safest countries in the world. Malta is largely crime-free and is known for being one of the safest destinations in all of Europe.

Here are top four reasons to study in Malta:

1- Extraordinary weather and culture:
Malta is a great place and it has an extraordinary weather, which is gorgeous 300 days of the year. It also has an extraordinary culture, which makes it an interesting place to study and live in.

2- Amazing nightlife:
Malta has an exciting and lively nightlife. It is popular with its amazing clubs, music, and casinos. Its open-air clubs give you a unique experience.

3- English-speaking place:
Malta is a wonderful study abroad destination for international students who are more comfortable in English-speaking regions. As studying abroad can be difficult for students who feel nervous about living in unfamiliar surroundings for an extended period. English-speaking students are able to communicate with the locals easily and navigate the country efficiency.

4- Perfectly formed place:
Malta is not a big island, but being small enhances Malta’s many pleasures, you can explore everything from its beaches to its museums easily without having to spend a lot of time or money traveling around.

Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

Tuition fees in Malta:

– For EU and Malta students: Full-time undergraduate courses are free-of-charge but they are charged in case of higher courses.

– For non-EU students:

  • For arts or business courses: 1080 EUR for undergraduate students.
  • For science career paths: 1360 EUR.
  • Other courses: 2000$.

Living Expenses cost in Malta:

– Renting an apartment will cost you around 750$ or 315 EUR per month.

– Food, entertainment, gym and other charges will cost you about 150$ to 300$ per month.

– You will need around 300 to 600 EUR per month for all of your expenses.

– Food will cost you about 280 EUR per month.

General Costs per Month on average:

315 EUR


280 EUR


55 – 72 EUR


70 EUR

Social activities

530 Per semester

Books and learning material

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