Study in Poland

Why Study in Poland?

study in Poland

Poland is considered as a great place to study in. The country is very hospitable. You will be treated very well and you will feel that you are in your home country. If you are having any problems, Polish people will not hesitate to help you solve them.

Here are top four reasons to study in Poland:

1- High Quality of Education:

Poland has a very high-quality education. The Polish government is keen to develop the education system constantly. The quality of education is monitored and evaluated regularly. In addition, there are more than 5000 courses in Poland that you can choose from them. 

2- a Competitive cost of living and studying:

The tuition fees in Poland are highly competitive compared to other European countries and the cost of living are a fraction of what a foreign student would have to spend in other European countries.

 3- Vibrant student and cultural life:

You will never regret choosing Poland to study in because the polish economic is rapidly growing; the culture of Poland offers a huge and unique opportunity for the international students.

4- Scholarship for non-EU students:

If you are not an EU student, you will have opportunities each year to have a scholarship so that you can come to Poland and study freely in it. The best way to find out is to contact the Polish embassy in your country, as they usually coordinate bilateral student exchange programs.


Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

Tuition Fees in Poland:

Polish students do not pay for tuition fees in public universities. However, international students are charged with fees established by the universities.

– For Bachelor, Master degree courses and professional studies: the cost is 2000 Euro.

– For Ph.D., specialized and vocational courses: the cost is 3000 Euro.

Living Expenses cost in Poland:

Estimated Cost of Living:

The international student can make an average budget of 300 to 650 Euros per month for accommodation, food, and transport.

You can also support yourself financially through scholarships and funding programs such as:

– Scholarships offered by the Polish government.

General Costs per Month on average:

200 – 300 Euro


100 – 150 Euro


24 Euro


150 Euro


70 – 100 Euro


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