Study in Spain




Why Study in Spain?

Spain is an amazing European country. It has hot, white, sandy beaches and blue seas. It also has ski slopes and ancient, whitewashed villages. You can rent a car and take a trip to see the beauty of Spain.

Here are top four reasons to study in Spain:

1- Special Architecture:
Spain architecture is incomparable to any other country. It has amazing famous designs, a great mosque and the most incredible cathedrals in Europe. It also has a rich history and impressive design.

2- Beautiful Weather:
Spain is the country of the endless summer; it almost does not rain in there. It is the perfect place to escape from the grey skies. The south of Spain is considered to have the better weather and the north can be very surprising with temperatures that never go under ten degreed in winter.

3- Amazing History and Culture:
If you choose to study in Spain, you will have the opportunity to learn the history of Spain and the whole Western Europe. The history of Spain is tied to its culture, as it can be seen in architecture, music, education, infrastructure, and more. In addition, programs to study in Spain are a great choice for any international student who wants to learn something new.

4- Continues Festivals and parties:
As no one can throw a fiesta like the Spanish people, life in Spain is one big fiesta. Spain is a country that impresses the world. As an international student, you will get the chance to catch something new if you are going to study in Spain.


Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

Tuition in Spain:

Tuition Fees in Public Universities:

– For Bachelor degrees: between 750 to 2100 Euro per year.

– For Master and Ph.D. degrees: between 900 to 3300 Euro per year.

Tuition Fees in Private Universities:

– For Bachelor degrees: between 5500 to 18000 Euro per year.

Living Expenses cost in Spain:

– In Madrid and Barcelona: you will need around 1300 Euro per month.

– In Valencia, Seville, or Cadiz: you will need between 800 to 850 Euros per month.

Housing Options:

– Student Residence: Between 360 to 650 Euros per month.

– Rent an apartment: Between 650 to 880 Euros per month.

– Rent an apartment in Madrid and Barcelona: between 860 to 1350 Euro per month.

– Homestay: Between 700 to 800 Euros per month “with meals included”.

General Costs per Month on average:
Housing 360 – 1350 Euro
Food 180 – 300 Euro
Medical insurance 70 – 180 Euro
Transportation 45 – 50 Euro
Internet 35 Euro
Utilities 120 Euro
Books and learning materials 900 Euro per year
Special classes 30 – 200 Euro

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