Undergraduate Program

We ensure that our students have the right skills and knowledge to successfully complete their course of study for an undergraduate and post graduate degree program from the UK. Every UK university you wish to gain admission into have their particular requirements. These entry requirements are there to ensure that you can successfully complete your course without any issue. Undergraduate Requirements: If you are applying for undergraduate courses you usually need to have achieved the following qualifications: A-levels: International Baccalaureate Scottish Highers, or equivalent qualifications from your country in related subjects. For Graduate For postgraduate courses, a student usually needs to have achieved a relevant undergraduate qualification from any recognized university or a university undergraduates program from the UK. English language requirements It is essential that your English language skills are good enough before you can be admitted into any UK university. If English is not your first language then; students must be able to prove that they can speak, express themselves, understand and write in English language before they can undertake an intensive and challenging academic course in the UK. Therefore, student will have to achieve one of the formal qualifications stated as follows: TOEFL- Test of English as a Foreign Language, a score of 100 and above IELTS – Intеrnаtіоnаl Englіѕh Lаnguаgе Testing Sуѕtеm a minimum grade of 7.5 usually 7.0 and above in each element Cambridge English: Advanced – grade A or B.

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