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Aviation Maintenance Programs:

Are you looking for a high–flying career in aviation maintenance?



If you’re looking for a high–flying career in aviation maintenance, here’s where it begins:

Today we offer a comprehensive Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) program, as well as several other specialized programs at different campuses around the country.

This program prepares our graduates to become certified A&P (Airframe & Power plant) technicians, ready for a career in aviation.

Several campus locations offer training that encompasses both A&P training and avionics, helicopter, aircraft dispatch and welding.

❖ Coast to coast Campus Locations

❖ Training students for more than 40 years

❖ Approved by the Federal Aviation Administration

❖ Career Focused Training

❖ Career Placement Assistance

Programs and fees:

Aviation Maintenance Technician (All campuses)

FAA Approved Airframe and Powerplant Curriculum

This training prepares you to pass the Federal Aviation Administration test to become a certified Airframe and Powerplant Technician. You are trained to service, repair, and overhaul aircraft components and systems, including the airframe, piston engines, turbine engines, electrical systems, hydraulic systems, propellers, instrumentation, warning and environmental systems.


Tuition per Credit Hour (78 credit hours) $590.00

Library Fee (one-time fee) $12.00

Security Fee (one-time fee) $100.00

International Student Orientation Fee (one-time fee) $500.00

Textbooks and Learning Materials (estimated) $700.00

Estimated First Academic Year Costs: $17,832.00

Estimated Second Academic Year Costs: $16,520.00

Estimated Third Academic Year Costs: $12,980.00

Total Estimated Program Cost: $47,332.00

Career & Salary

Aviation is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. The FAA
2013-2033 Forecast predicts that demand for air travel will continue to grow
as the economy grows. By 2033, U.S. commercial carriers are projected
to transport 1.15 billion passengers, a total of 1.46 trillion passenger miles.

This growth combined with a retiring workforce means an increasing demand for aircraft
mechanics and avionic technicians. This trend is expected to continue as long as the demand for
qualified technicians outpaces the supply.


Boeing projects the need for over a half million new technicians worldwide over the next 20 years

Boeing Company

“The global demand for technicians remains significant. The combination of global fleet growth and the outsourcing of third-party MROs will drive the need for the number of qualified technicians to increase. The projected need to maintenance personnel will reach over a half million (584,000) worldwide.”

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