Malaysia promising horizons for a world-class professional academic formation!

Malaysia … promising horizons for a world-class professional academic formation!

Global students are increasingly eager to travel abroad and seize the opportunity to develop academic skills that would enhance their careers and enable them to go into the field of professional life with full confidence and strong will. Malaysian universities are the first destination for millions of students across the Arab world and globally, they are seeking to benefit from the international experience and prestigious academic status that Malaysia has as a global gateway to culture and scientific research. The logical question that arises with ardently in this context is:


Why Malaysia specifically?

Malaysia has a wide range of motives that attract large crowds of students who are looking for facilities that enable them to turn their ambitions into concrete achievements and to strengthen their talents and potentials in university studies and research. And among these incentives we can mention:

-The political security and overall stability in addition to the atmosphere of comfort and reassurance provided to foreigners. Did you know that Malaysia has the lowest rates of crimes across the world thanks to prudent policies in dealing with moral deviations and attacks on the security of citizens? This is one of the most motivating factors that attract students from all regions of the world to enjoy a safe and quiet study experience that drives them to achieve and improve their cognitive goals.

What about costs?

We consider the costs of study and residence to be one of the most important obstacles that students often face in building their academic future outside their home countries. It is interesting that Malaysian universities offer substantial facilities and very reasonable, if not low, costs for students compared to other universities in the world. Student can cover all the expenses of study and residence without the need to borrow or request aid.

What is the nature of Malaysian academic training?

Malaysia is an urban and intellectual country that is capable of competing with major countries in all fields. It is ranked as a leader in terms of the quality of academic training and world-class processions, adopting the latest theories and the newest methods in scientific research and encouraging local and international talents. This makes Malaysian universities a world-renowned pole.

Can you work while you are studying?

Malaysian policies provide an opportunity to improve your social position as you get a chance to study at a Malaysian university. As a student you will be able to satisfy your basic needs through some specially designed jobs for students as well as their academic activities. The Malaysian authorities provide job opportunities for students in accordance with their schedule and potential. This is mainly aimed at encouraging them financially and filling their spare time, in addition to acquiring expertise that will enable them to enter the labour market in the future.

Are there other factors?

In addition to the above, the Malaysian systems adopt a method of facilitating the recruitment of brilliant individuals and the implementation of their expertise, including facilities to obtain a visa and application to Malaysian universities. The use of English is an additional factor in facilitating deals and attracting foreign students. In addition, Malaysia’s multicultural society and religions make it an integrated cultural mix.

After reviewing the various facilities provided by the Malaysian country to encourage scientific research, it is worth mentioning that it is necessary to work to obtain an opportunity to learn about this remarkable organisation of thought and civilization and to benefit from the promising Malaysian experience in the field of scientific research and the great intellectual achievements that accompany the global trend.

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