Where are the best countries to study abroad?

Top Six Countries to Study Abroad for 2017

Studying in a foreign country is a lifetime experience, allowing students to experience different cultures, languages, and people, along with giving you the exposure that is going to take you places. Investing your efforts and money in getting the degree from a reputed university is going to be life changing, but the struggle most students face is choosing the right country and university. For that matter, check out six best countries to start your search with and see which offers best educational and career opportunities for you:



Malaysia has recently emerged on the scene and has made it to the countries that attract applicants from various countries. The country has been especially popular with Asian students, who find it easy to migrate to a nearby developed country than taking a leap to the West. The Malaysian education is equally regarded and recognized all around the world, as compared to any other country in the list. With reaping similar prospects, students are able to meet their ends much easily as the education is comparatively affordable and the living costs are low. With amazing historical value and aforementioned prospects, Malaysia lags behind no other country when it comes to bringing quality to your time abroad.




study in canada

Canada is a great country for receiving education and even getting permanently settled.  With thousands of study and working opportunities, the people here are generally very welcoming to immigrants. With a multicultural society, Canada offers these opportunities to everybody irrespective of their religion, ethnicity or nationality. That’s the reason that most international students aim it for Canada. Alongside getting their education done from some of the best institutes in the world, they can grow as much as anyone else sharing benches with them. Moreover, rich sceneries and a vibrant culture add up to make the country one of the best for international students.




study in ireland

Study experience in Ireland is full of fun and warmth. The local people gel well with immigrants and are ready to offer their gracious company to anybody. The experience is adept with splendid food, wine and moments that you will remember for the rest of your life.  Apart from the beautiful lifestyle that awaits students from all parts of the globe, Ireland’s colleges and universities also do not disappoint.

Ireland’s highest ranked five universities are among top 400 universities of the world. Other than the universities, Ireland’s specialist colleges also rank pretty well internationally. With all seven public seven universities in top 700 QS World University rankings, Ireland proudly boasts its esteemed standards of higher education.





Australian educational institutions have ranked pretty decently for the last few years. With a relatively small population, the country has various universities and colleges offering  top-notch programs, and consequently become the top preference of most aspiring international students. Moreover, the ease to get a visa and lower fees and living expenses, further act as  a substantial attraction. Irrespective of what you have heard about reptiles and Australia know this for good that the country isn’t all about it. It’s generally a beautiful place to live in, with a rare exposure to extreme climates. The sunny days and magnificent beaches are in no scarcity in the country and can be encountered in abundance.




USA is one of the most liked countries by international students pertaining to the exalted standards of education in the country. The country hosts more number of international students than any other country.  The number of students keeps growing as the composition of international students to total students in the country is already at 4%. Despite higher academic fees, living costs, stern regulations, difficult to get a visa and is not the safest country compared to other developed countries; USA has not lost its charm for international students in years. With the aforementioned circumstances in place, USA has still been able to captivate students from all around the globe pertaining to its top-ranked universities and exquisite education standards. From cutting edge research to glamorous careers, the country hosts opportunities for dreams from numerous parts of the world.


study in uk

Like USA, UK is an equally popular destination for international students, holding second place for taking in most international students, lying just after USA. With the likes of Cambridge and Oxford, UK takes pride in its rich academic culture and graciously accepts thousands of applicants from different countries to experience the same.

The country is known for its superior research culture and provides opportunities for international students to be a part of the process. They are allowed to access the most equipped labs in the world utilize the best resources and work with some of the most brilliant minds of the world.

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