10 Important facts about boarding schools in United States

10 Important facts about boarding schools in United States

Most families prefer to send their children to boarding schools, a type of private or public educational institutions where students can study and stay throughout the school year. So if you are thinking about sending your children to a boarding school, you should definitely consider sending them to boarding schools in the US. If you are wondering why, here are 10 facts about boarding schools in the United States. 

The United States of America has more than 300 boarding schools, and their main goal is to create a learning community where students can concentrate on their studies and reach their full potential.

10 important facts about boarding schools

1- There is always a school for your needs

There are two main categories of boarding schools in the USA, Therapeutic Boarding Schools and College Prep (college preparatory) boarding schools. So depending on your children’s needs, you will always find the suitable school for them. Therapeutic Boarding Schools for example, provide programs for students with special educational needs, such as dyslexia and learning difficulties.

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2- Some schools are purely residential:

The word “boarding” is used in the sense of “room and board”. That’s why most boarding schools in the USA have students resident on campus. However, some schools have students living off-campus, especially if it is located in a big population area.

Off-campus students have the chance to leave the school at the end of the day and might come back for extracurricular activities

3- Most boarding schools in the USA choose their own curriculum

Every boarding school in the USA would bring you different experiences. Around 99% of boarding schools choose their own curriculum depending on their goals. They aim to stimulate students intellectually through modern teaching methods. This encourages students to think and participate to learn.

Curriculum also differs between different types of boarding schools. Education in Religious Boarding Schools for example, includes religions and faith values.

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4- Boarding schools are staffed with well-qualified teachers:

Boarding schools in the USA demand high-quality education; therefore they have teachers with advanced degrees and enough experience in their field. In addition, The presence of teachers on campus after the end of the school day provides additional assistance to students to acquire skills directly from their teachers.

5- Most boarding schools offer tuition discounts to sibling students

One of the best facts about boarding schools, is that if you have more than one child who would like to join a boarding school in the USA, you will get the chance to have a discount for school tuition fees. In addition, we at Golden Gate Study Abroad help international students to get partial scholarships (from 10% to 50% of the fee).

6- Most schools have large-scale sports facilities

Sports are an essential integrated part of boarding schools in the United States. So every student is asked to participate in sports activities, either after classes finish or during weekends.

 7- Boarding schools is your child second home

Boarding schools include clean and beautiful residences, teachers, specialized staff and years of experience in teaching and hosting international students. Usually, students are divided into small groups, each group has a supervisor who resides with them and promotes social relationships. 

In addition, schools use a home system that allows students to participate in activities, projects and build relationships.

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8- Boarding schools provide a safe environment 

Boarding schools in the USA provide a safe and supportive environment for international students who are far from home. They keep an eye on your children 24/7 and make sure that nothing is missing. 

9-Boarding schools offer sports programs, academic programs, and curriculum in one place

Parents can find one place for their children to participate in various activities, instead of sending them to various places in their area for each activity.

10- Boarding schools in America welcome international students

Boarding schools in America welcome international students from all around the world. International students will be able to grow and develop their personalities living in a community away from home. They provide them with high quality education and through College Prep schools, students can be fully prepared to continue their university studies and succeed.

These were 10 important facts about boarding schools in the USA ! If you are interested in sending your children there:

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