10 Important facts about boarding schools in United States

Boarding school in USA

Some families prefer to send their children to boarding schools, a type of school where students live during the period of schooling, where they return to their parents only on holidays, and the task of boarding schools is to prepare their students for entry into working life at college and university level. The United States of America has more than 300 boarding schools; most of them provide a secondary stage, and most of these schools provide an additional year after graduation for preparing their students to be integrated into the university life. In this article, we will learn about 10 important facts about boarding schools.

10 important facts about boarding schools

1- There is a school for all needs and requirements:
The boarding schools vary according to the needs and requirements of the learner, since there are alternative schools and therapeutic ones serving some issues like emotional and correctional issues, and there are schools that provide programs for students with special educational needs, such as dyslexia and learning difficulties.

2- Some schools are purely residential:
There are some boarding schools in America that have a significant proportion of day students who leave at the end of the school day while returning to exercise and extracurricular activities, but outside university campus evenings and weekends.

3- All boarding schools choose their own curriculum:
There are about 99% of schools that choose their own curriculum depending on the test. There are a few schools that offer the International Baccalaureate program. There are progressive schools where students are prepared to work at the college level, as the curriculum in these schools makes the student its central focus rather than the traditional curriculum as the teacher is the central focus in the learning process.

4- Boarding schools are staffed with well-qualified teachers:
Boarding schools in America demand high-quality education; therefore they have teachers with advanced degrees and enough experience in their field.

5- Most boarding schools offer tuition discounts to sibling students:
If you have more than one child in a boarding school, you will be given a cash discount for school tuition, and in this case, you can use your financial advisor to enjoy these discounts.

6- Most schools have large-scale sports facilities:
This is because sports are part and parcel of the programs that the boarding schools in America offer, and every student is asked to participate in them, that’s why we find sports facilities and special playgrounds of various types of sports and equestrian in every school.

 7- Boarding schools provide a family setting for students:
Where students are divided into small groups, each group has a supervisor who resides with them and promotes social relationships. In addition, schools use a home system that allows students to participate in activities, projects and build relationships.

8- Boarding schools provide supervision around-the-clock:
Since boarding schools take into account safety standards, they work legally and make knowing where your child is at all times one of their tasks. At the same time, everyone knows that there is a punishment for any unacceptable behavior, there are also especial rules that everyone must observe in the community of the boarding school, which is for the benefit of all members of society.

9-Boarding schools offer sports programs, academic programs, and curriculum in one place:
Here, the parent can find one place for his child where he can participate in various activities, instead of sending him to various places in his area for each activity.

10- Boarding schools in America welcome international students:
Boarding schools in America welcome international students and provide them with a high educational level, a tremendous opportunity to learn English, integrating into American culture and a great qualifying for the university through what they provide of academic and sports programs and curriculum which the parents see them in full conformity with their goals.

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