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This is your chance as an international student to study English in the USA for 6 months for free! If your plans is to learn English in order to study abroad in the USA, then this free English course is for you. International students from all around the world have the chance to get a conditional offer from one of our 27 US partner universities. So students get a 6-month scholarship to study English and a conditional offer that allows them to continue their studies in the USA.

Advantages of the free English learning program in the USA

Golden Gate Study Abroad agency helps students from all around the world to get a 24-week free English language course in the USA (ESL Scholarship) at OHLA Language Academy, Flordia, USA.

This English course is completely tuition-free. After completing the 2nd advanced level of the English course, students are transferred to the selected Program at one of our 27 partner US universities.

In addition, at this point, NO TOEFL or IELTS scores are required. Also, we GUARANTEE admission to the chosen US university from the list below.

English Level Requirement

International students need to have prior knowledge of English in order to apply for thethe English Scholarship Program. This is because the free course covers a 24-weeks course.

However, if the student’s level of English is low, he/she might still have the chance to get the ESL Scholarship in the USA. However, he/she has to pay the fees for lessons prior to level 1 when needed. Later on, the English scholarship will cover the Advanced levels 1 & 2.

That is why it is very important to contact us when you are ready to take your English placement test before you start your free English course in the USA.

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Conditions and requirements for the ESL scholarships in the USA

Free english courses

This free English course in the USA is for international students who are planning to continue their studies in the US. They should be able to cover their program study cost after the ESL program completion.

In fact, this free English course is a part of a conditional offer at one of the USA universities that will be mentioned in the list below. In other words, it is not possible to apply for this ESL scholarship, if you are not going to study in one of these universities.

A deposit should be made by the student in order to ensure that they are ready to continue their education in the USA. Which will be later deducted from the first-year tuition fees. This step will allow the university to send an acceptance letter stating that the student will be able to gain direct access to the school once the program is completed.

The amount to be paid depends on the study level. For bachelor’s programs, students have to pay an $8500 security deposit. As for Master’s programs, students have to pay a $6000 deposit. Note that both apply towards your University Tuition fees once you start your course.

In fact, the deposit is mandatory for all. This will help the chosen US University to be able to send a conditional letter to the accepted student. This offer is required by the US Embassy when applying for a student visa to travel and live in the USA.

How to get your free 6-months English language course in the USA? 

We at Golden Gate play an important role in students’ acceptance of this free English course in the USA. Also, we help you with the application and we GUARANTEE your admission to one of our US partner universities. Not to mention that we guide you throughout the application process until you get the F1 student visa.

In fact, once your application has been submitted and approved, you will receive the I-20 and the Conditional offer at the same time.

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Required Documents to start your ESL scholarship in Florida

OHLA academy Admission Requirements

To register with OHLA we need the following:

  • English Placement Test.
  • Skype Interview.
  • Copy of your Passport.
  • Proof of sufficient funds.
  • Security Deposit of US$8,500 for Undergraduate or US$6,000 for Graduate.

University Admission Requirements

To secure your Conditional offer from the chosen US university we need:

For Undergraduate:

  • High School Transcripts with an Official English Translation.
  • High School Diploma with an Official English Translation.
  • Your chosen university from the list below.
  • The chosen bachelor program.

For Graduate:

  • University Transcripts with an Official English Translation.
  • University Diploma with an Official English Translation.
  • Your chosen university from the list below.
  • The chosen Graduate program.

Our partner universities that participate in the ESL Scholarship Program

  1. Adelphi University.
  2. American University.
  3. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).
  4. Auburn University.
  5. Baylor University.
  6. Colorado State University.
  7. Drew University.
  8. Florida International University (only offers up to 12 weeks).
  9. George Mason University.
  10. James Madison University.
  11. University of Alabama at Birmingham.
  12. University of Dayton.
  13. The University of Illinois (only offers up to 12 weeks).
  14. University of Kansas.
  15. Louisiana State University (only offers up to 12 weeks).
  16. Mercer University.
  17. Oglethorpe University.
  18. Oregon State University.
  19. University of Massachusetts.
  20. University of Mississippi (only offers up to 12 weeks).
  21. The University of the Pacific.
  22. University of South Carolina.
  23. University of Utah.
  24. The University of South Florida.
  25. University of Vermont.
  26. Washington State University.
  27. OHIO Northern University.

Essentially, our partner Universities are sponsoring your English Classes for up to 24 Weeks at OHLA Schools.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity! Start your FREE English Classes TODAY!

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Application procedures to start the free English courses in USA for international students

  1. Choosing the suitable US university from the list of the 27-partner schools and the desired study program. 
  2. Preparing all required documents.
  3. Take an English language placement test.
  4. Depending on your English language level, we set up a study plan for you.
  5. In cooperation with OHLA Academy, we determine the number of required weeks of the English course in order for the student to meet the required English Language level to start your studies at the chosen US university. If the applicant needs more than 24 weeks, he will pay the fees for extra weeks.
  6. After completing the free English language program in the USA and achieving the 2nd advanced level, students directly start their studies in the US university where they had been accepted. 

Please note that the ESL scholarship in the USA only covers the tuition fees of the 6-months English course.

Therefore, students need to have enough funds in order to pay for their living costs. International students need around $1200 monthly for accommodation, health insurance, food, transportation, and other activities.

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Refund Policy

  • If the student visa application is denied (for any reason), students will get a full refund of the deposits that they paid. However, a $120 application fee will be deducted.
  • If paid through OHLA $80 Mailing Fee and $350 SEVIS Fee is non-refundable.
  • Students will not get a refund of the deposit of the ESL scholarship in the USA, if they leave the program for any reason, after the initial date.
  • Students who fail in either the OHLA Advanced level 1 or 2 are allowed to “repeat” the level. However, tuition costs associated with repeating any OHLA levels will be the full responsibility of the student.

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