Earn a U.S.A. Degree with an affordable tuition!

Why Study Online at Western National University California?

Highly Interactive live classes with a flexible schedule!
Discussion Forums bring an intense focus to course content, and through discussion forums, students are offered a unique chance to gain an in depth understanding of their classmates’ views. Online courses provide students the opportunity to work while receiving a higher education degree and course materials are always accessible online.

Earn a U.S.A. Degree with an affordable tuition!

Students’ MBA/DBA degree will be the same as any student who studies at an American University in America. The degree will NOT emphasize that the program was completed online. Online programs are a more affordable option than traditional colleges or universities because, there are no commuting costs, cost of living, health insurance, etc.

Additional Perks…

Virtual Support from around the World
Communicate more effectively and professionally
Improve Technical Skills
Corporations like Deloitte are educating Online too
According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in the US, around 25% of all college/university students are now enrolled in distance education courses. The outcome of online education is just as highly as those studying in face-to-face environments.


Enjoy online study at the University of Western California in California with scholarships up to 70 per cent of the estimated $ 15,000 tuition cost by exclusively communicating with us at Golden Gate.

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