Australian universities offer 2000 Scholarships for international students

Scholarships in Australia

Scholarships in Australia!

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced 2000 scholarships in Australia for international students.

Most Australian universities opened the door to scholarships in July 2020. They are offered to international students to study for masters and doctorate degrees.

The best universities take part in providing these scholarships to international students.

They are fully funded scholarships and cover all expenses. They are including in all academic fields provided by universities.

International students in Australia
International students in Australia

These scholarships are distributed as follows:

800 Scholarships from Monash University:

Monash University is a public research university based in Melbourne, Australia. They offer all different types of academic fields of study. They do not have separate applications is required for Monash Scholarship too. You will be automatically considered for a scholarship.

The deadline to apply is August 31, 2020

Link to apply for the Monash University Scholarship website.

600 scholarships from the University of Melbourne.

The University of Melbourne was founded in 1853. Approximately 45,000 students. About 12,000 international students from 130 different countries.

The University of Melbourne Scholarships is the Highest Number of Scholarships for domestic and International Students to Study Free in Australia for all graduate Degree.

The deadline to apply is October 31, 2020

Link to apply for the University of Melbourne graduate scholarship website.

300 Scholarships from Deakin University.

Deakin University is the Public University in Melbourne, Australia.

The deadline to apply is August 31, 2020.

Link to apply for the Deakin University Scholarship website.

300 Scholarships from the University of South Australia.

All academic programs and Majors are available at the University of South Australia. You can apply to any program offered at UniSA Scholarships for International Students.

The deadline to apply is August 31, 2020

Link to apply for the University of South Australia Scholarships website.

study in Australia
study in Australia

Study fields offered by Australian universities:

  • Arts, Design, and Architecture.
  • Arts, humanities, and social sciences.
  • Information technology and computer science.
  • Business Management.
  • Engineering.
  • environment Science.
  • Health Sciences.
  • Information Technology.
  • Rights.
  • Medicine.
  • Nursing.
  • the pharmacy.
  • General Sciences.

Items covered by scholarships offered by Australian universities:

  1. Compensation of fees over two years for master’s students.

And over four years for doctoral students.

  1. A living allowance for two years for master’s students and three and a half years for doctoral students.
  2. $ 2,000 airline ticket for interstate students.
  3. $ 3,000 for international students outside of Australia.
  4. Health insurance for international students who need a visa to study in Australia.

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Scholarships offered by University of Sydney for international students:

The University of Sydney provides scholarships to international students.

They are fully funded scholarships for Masters and Ph.D. studies in several fields.

These scholarships are funded by the Australian Government.

They cover the following:

  • Free accommodation.
  • A salary of $ 27,596 annually.
  • Paid sick leave.
  • Airline ticket.
  • Paid maternity leave.

The academic majors for masters and doctoral studies offered by University of Sydney:

  • Arts and Social Sciences.
  • Architecture, Design, and Planning.
  • Business Management.
  • Engineering and Computer Science.
  • Law.
  • Medicine and health.
  • Music.
  • General Sciences.

The required documents to apply for the scholarship:

  1. Bachelor’s degree for students applying to study for a master’s degree.

Master’s degree for students applying for doctoral studies.

  1. Two letters of recommendation.
  2. Research paper.
  3. Curriculum Vitae.
  4. A score of passing the TOEFL or IELTS test.
  5. Master’s thesis for students applying to doctoral studies.
  6. And any other reference documents.

These scholarships are important for the Australian government. Because international students contribute $ 40 billion annually to the Australian economy.

Besides, the Australian government also launched free online courses for the year 2020. They also granted a free certificate to the students.

Feel free to contact us to know more about the Scholarships in Australia and how to study in Australia if you need any help with your scholarship applications online.

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