Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about studying in the USA

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FAQ about application and admission to American universities

Yes. There are many universities and colleges in the US that offer undergraduate and graduate pathway programs to prepare international students academically within one year. If you have a low GPA, we are here to help you find one!

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American universities accept many English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo, Cambridge English test and CAE.

English test score requirements differ between universities. However, most US universities require a minimum score of 6 for IELTS, 80 for TOEFL, and 100 for Duolingo test.

Yes. You can get a college conditional acceptance to fulfill the language requirements before starting your university studies. You will be able to travel to the US  and start your ESL program (English as a Second Language), and after completing this program you can switch the conditional admission into a final acceptance at the university.

More than 1,000 accredited American universities and colleges do not require SAT or ACT scores as part of the admissions process. But most Elite universities in America require passing one of these tests.

Even though the GRE test can increase your chances to get admitted into graduate programs in the USA, it is not an essential requirement for many American universities. Therefore, you can apply and obtain university admission without the need for it.

We definitely can help any student apply to any US university, however, at these universities the final admission is not guaranteed. Bear in mind that the acceptance rate at Elite Universities in the US does not exceed 3%. 

Yes, we can help you to apply to a US university of your choice. However, we need to study your application carefully and check the university requirements and whether it suits you or not. If the university does not match your academic qualifications, we will suggest other universities that are more suitable for you.

FAQ about US Universities Accreditation

As part of our academic consulting and support, we at Golden Gate make sure to match the student’s qualifications, financial ability, interests, academic background, and many other criteria to generate a shortlist of the most relevant options. Later on, we evaluate universities on this list in order to find the ideal university for the student.

Our partner universities are all accredited worldwide and offer academic degrees that are recognized globally. We will not apply to the university until the student has been notified and confirmed, ensuring that it meets the student’s needs.

FAQ about Golden Gate Study Abroad Services:

We are an American education consulting agency with over 8 years of experience in university admissions. We guarantee that you will be admitted to a recognized university that best meets your academic and financial needs, which qualifies you to apply for a student visa.

The cost of submitting an application to obtain a university acceptance letter starts from only $600 per application and may reach $1200 depending on the services requested. To begin with your application, you may pay at least half of this fee, and  once you have been admitted, you can pay the other half.

Yes, we receive dozens of requests and queries from students each day, some of which are serious and some of which are not. As a result, we will not be able to work on any applications until we have received all required documents and application fees. Because the application procedure requires research, effort, and follow-up in order to find and apply to the appropriate university. As a result, we must ensure that the student is sincere about his request and that his documentation and the required fee have been submitted.

The overall cost of obtaining an embassy appointment to apply for a student visa is roughly $1500, which includes office fees, university registration fees, mailing expenses, SEVIS ID payments, and embassy application and interview fees.

Although you may begin application procedures at any time of the year, we highly recommend you to apply as soon as possible, so that you have enough time to complete any missing documents, whether for the university or student visa application.

You should get a university acceptance letter within 2-4 weeks after we begin working on your application. Depending on the university and the academic year in which you are applying, this timing may be reduced or increased.

Once we receive your documents and application fees, our team will start working on your case immediately. Within 3 days, we will get in touch with you to discuss your options to study in the USA. Once we choose the suitable university for you, we will start the application process and follow up until you get the final admission letter. 

If your application got rejected for any reason (which rarely happens), no worries at all, we will keep offering you our services without you paying any additional fees, until you get admitted in one of the US universities. 

FAQ about costs of studying and living in America

It’s difficult to give a precise number because study cost in the US varies depending on many factors. However, keep in mind that you will need to spend at least $15,000 every academic year. The cost of specializations such as medicine and dentistry may start from as low as $35,000.

A part of the tuition fees is usually required to be paid before flying to the US in order to secure your final acceptance from US universities.

You may pay the US universities annual tuition fees in instalments, such as half every semester or a quarter every academic quarter.

For the majority of international students, on-campus housing is an affordable option. The overall cost for a year ranges from $6000 to $10000. This includes accommodation and access to campus facilities. If you would like to have daily meals throughout the year, the price is likely to increase.

The cost of off-campus housing ranges from $8000 to $12000 each year. Prices vary between states, cities and location.

In America, the average cost of living with an American host family is between $4000 and $10000 per year.

In addition to the cost of accommodation while studying, you will need around $1,000 per month for other expenses.

FAQ about study English in the US

Definitely! We are proud to work with many English language institutions across the United States. International Students can apply to study the English language in the US for the desired period of time.

The cost of studying English in America varies according to the institute’s name, location, reputation, and duration of the English language course. Where the monthly cost ranges from $500 to $2500 without housing.

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FAQ about scholarships in the USA for International Students

Yes. Scholarships are awarded to international students in the United States based on their academic achievements and sometimes their financial needs. They may also be granted if the student possesses other credentials, such as expertise in sports or cultural and social activities.

Yes definitely you can do that. Every American university has its own scholarship program. Funding in these scholarships varies and includes a partial or full one-year or multi-year tuition fundings. However, in order to be eligible to apply for any available scholarships in the USA as an international student, you must first be accepted by American University. Bear in mind that scholarships with significant funds are very competitive.

We may be able to help you earn a partial tuition fee discount if you apply early to one of our partner universities. However, we can’t guarantee you a scholarship.

We are unable to apply for fully funded scholarships since scholarships have specific conditions and requirements, and we cannot guarantee acceptance. We strongly recommend that you apply directly through the university’s website. You may find few offered scholarships checking our blog. However, we do not offer scholarships application services, instead, we present you with all the information about the grant, along with a registration link, so you can apply for the grant yourself.

FAQ about working in the USA

An international student with a student visa in the United States can work on-campus part-time (20 hours per week) during the academic year and full-time (40 hours per week) during the inter-term holidays. Working on campus refers to working at a university or one of its partner institutions.

You absolutely can do that. After finishing your studies, your F-1 student visa permits you to stay for 60 days. Through the OPT program, you can work in America for a full year and 3 years for some university majors (STEM programs which are science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). If you get a job contract with an American company, you can change your F-1 student visa to an H-1B work visa and eventually get a Green Card for permanent residency.

It depends on the city and the university that you graduated from. For example, most of our partner universities assist students in entering the American labor market and provide training opportunities with some of the greatest American companies, making it easier for them to get job contracts to work in the US after graduation.

FAQ about study visa in the USA

Acceptance of a student visa in America is completely up to the American embassy. However, if your application is complete, clear, and supported by appropriate documentation, the embassy has no reason to deny it. Our mission is to assist you in submitting a strong application, applying for a student visa, and preparing for the embassy interview.

Yes, students must do an interview at the American embassy, where they will be questioned about their future goals, reasons for selecting the United States, financial abilities and resources, and other subjects. We at Golden Gate thoroughly prepare the student for the interview with the US Embassy.

After submitting an application for an F-1 student visa, you may wait 5-6 weeks for the result.

Referred to as proof that you have sufficient financial resources to study and live in the USA. Financial guarantee requirements can be met by providing one of the following options:

  • A bank statement with the student’s name with a balance of at least $35,000.
  • Sponsorship letter from parents or a relative, along with the sponsoring person’s bank statement.
  • A study loan proof if the student obtains one.
  • Receive a fully funded scholarship that fully supports fees and living costs.

You must get your documents translated into English if they were not issued in English. Our certified translation services are also available if needed.

The visa application fee through our company to obtain a F1 student visa is $300, in addition to $350for the SEVIS ID fee, which must be paid online, and $160 for the embassy interview appointment.

FAQ about certificate equation & Transferring students

If your GPA is based on a scale of one to one hundred, scores between 90 and 100 equal a 3.7-4 GPA, scores between 80 and 90 equal a 2.7-3.7 GPA, scores between 70 and 80 equal a 1.7-2.7 GPA, and so on. However, some American universities require certificate equivalency through certified equivalency agencies; we at Golden Gate can help you with the equivalency process by submitting it to one of the accredited companies in the USA.

This depends on your university and the agreements between the country where you are studying and the USA. Usually this process is subjected to a comprehensive review by the desired American university. Bear in mind that the transfer credit equivalency is done after you get into the university. Therefore, after getting your final accepting letter you could get the transfer credit equivalency results. 

Yes definitely. Transferring from an American community college or an American university to a new American university to complete your studies is possible, and most American universities accept transfer student requests from other American universities and colleges.

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FAQ about university admission requirement documents

  • A copy of your valid passport.
  • A certified copy of the last academic qualification held.
  • A bank statement (financial guarantee Letter).
  • A copy of your valid passport.
  • A copy of the course score for the last 3 years, translated into English.
  • An English proficiency test “if any”. Some schools have a special exam for students online.
  • Recommendation letters from three teachers.
  • A bank statement from the parents to cover the study expenses.
  • Some schools require international students to have an entrance test called SSAT
  • A copy of your valid passport.
  • A copy of the High school transcript.
  • A bank statement (financial guarantee Letter)
  • A copy of your valid passport.
  • Graduation letter and academic transcript.
  • A bank statement (financial guarantee Letter)
  • 2 recommendation letters.
  • Personal statement (we can help you if you don’t have it).
  • Resume (we can help you if you don’t have it).

FAQ about Specialisations

Unfortunately, we are unable to do so, since applying to medical schools in the United States for a master’s degree is a difficult and uncertain procedure. We strongly advise you to apply right away.

In the United States, medical schools require a four-year bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, or neuroscience, among other subjects. Then you can apply to a four-year medical school.

For more information, refer to Becoming a doctor in the US: How long is medical school in the US?

Studying medicine might take 8 to 10 years or more, depending on the specialty.

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