How much does it cost to study in California?

Study in California

Study in California has the best universities and public and private colleges.

It has a mild climate and a good standard of living.

That makes it one of the best study destinations in the United States and in the world for thousands of international students.

But California is known to be very expensive, in addition to its high housing costs.

In this article, we will learn about the cost of studying at California State University.

We will also know more about the cost of studying at California University, Los Angeles.

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California tuition fee

The average four-year tuition fee in public universities for students have raised.

It was $ 26,200 in the academic year 2018/2019.

Now it is $ 26,820 in the academic year 2019/2020.

The average tuition fee for students residing within the state is US $ 10230.

The average tuition fee at a private university for a period of four years is $ 36,880.

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International students must also pay the visa fee, this fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Besides, they must pay the Student Information System and Visitor Exchange (SEVIS) fee.

It is $ 350 for students with an F / M visa and $ 180 for students with a J visa.

Rent cost

Staying on campus in public universities for a period of four years costs 11,500 USD.

But staying on campus in private colleges costs 12,990 USD yearly.

The average off-campus California rental between $ 1,200 to $2500 monthly, refer to Zillow data for 2019.

The average size of an apartment is 1,000 square feet.

However, the cost of rent varies from one city to another.

Rents in cities like San Jose and San Francisco are more expensive than rents in Fresno or Los Angeles or San Diego.

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Food and service costs in California

According to MIT Living Wage Calculator statistics, the living wage calculator costs $700 to $1,500 a month.

This cost also varies from one city to another.

It is also related to the average electricity bill per month, which is $40 USD.

It is a low cost compared to the other states.

Transportation fees

The acquisition of a driving car will cost at least $ 2,200, in addition to the annual insurance premiums of $ 1,846. Besides, the burnt expense cost is $4.09 on average.

As for transit, it costs $100 a month, which is much better for saving money.

For the costs of recreational activity, it does not cost much.

There are many activities that can be carried out, such as surfing, hiking, and visiting free museums.

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Costs of studying at the California University, Los Angeles

The four-year tuition fee at UCLA takes $ 11,442 for students residing within the state.

It is lower than the average California tuition fee of $ 23930 which is 52%.

There is an additional fee for tuition fees of $ 1784, and the total tuition fee is $ 13,226.

The tuition fees for international students is $ 40,434 which equals 253%.

The University of California Los Angeles study ranks 47th in terms of affordability for a four-year study.

And it is the 98th most expensive college in the state.

Other costs

Staying on campus costs $ 15,816 in the academic year.

The cost of books and school supplies is $ 1,450.

A budget of US $ 4,128 is required to cover the additional living expenses.

Finally, the total costs for studying at the University of California at Los Angeles are $ 34,620 for students residing within the state. For students from outside the state, the total costs are $ 63612 for one year.

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