Get a fully-funded scholarship to study in Hungary during the year 2020

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Hungarian scholarships!

Study in Hungary for free now with the Hungarian Government Scholarship for 2020

Study in Hungary for free now with the Hungarian Government Scholarship for 2020

The deadline for submitting the complete application package: 15 January 2020 – 23:59 (Central European Time)

How is it possible to study in Hungary for free?

The Hungarian Government founded in 2013 a scholarship program in cooperation with 27 universities to promote cultural understanding, economic and cultural relations between Hungary and other countries and this program is called “Stipendium Hungaricum “.

This program offers:

  • Exemption from tuition fee
  • A monthly stipend of 135 – 580 Euros until the completion of studies
  • Dormitory fees or additional contribution to accommodation costs
  • Health care services according to the relevant Hungarian legislation and supplementary medical insurance for up 205 Euros a year/person

What are the application requirements for Hangarin Scholarship?

  1. School certificates ( Diplomas, etc )
  2. Transcript of records
  3. Proof of Language proficiency that the chosen program requires.
  4. Copy of Passport
  5. Medical certificate to prove that you don’t have any infectious disease like aids, hepatitis C and B.. Etc
  6. Motivation letter
  7. In the event that the required specialty is one of the technical or musical specializations, you should send a link to the Portfolio works.

Note: All papers must be translated into English

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الاوراق المطلوبة للدراسة في هنغاريا

Which English level is required?

Students shall have a level of proficiency in the language of education as required by the Host Institution. For students who do not have the required level, they can apply for a preparatory year before joining the university.

What programs are available in the Hungarian Scholarship?

This scholarship provides admission to all programs and majors for Bachelor’s, Master’s and

Doctorate degrees.

How does Golden Gate Study abroad help you get this scholarship?

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In short, we will carry the burden for you during the application process, complete your application with all professionalism, step by step, to obtain your final acceptance and travel to Hungary.

If you are interested in applying and you have all the required certificates and capabilities, do not hesitate to send your request through the form in this article.

The deadline for submitting the complete application package: 15 January 2020 – 23:59 (Central European Time) and the first semester of studies will be in September 2020.

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Application stages:

مراحل التقديم على المنحة الهنغارية

How do candidates get selected?

Step One (1/15/2020):

Your application will be forwarded to the responsible authorities from your country for review and pre-selection. The exact methods and guidelines of the Sending Partners’ selection are determined by them. After the selection decision, a nomination list, including a reserve list will be issued and forwarded to Tempus Public Foundation by these authorities until 28 February 2020.

Step Two (2/28/2020):

The application materials of the nominated applicants (including the reserve list) are forwarded to the host Institutions for a professional evaluation. The institutions will also run a formal check first to see if all the documents submitted by the applicants meet the requirements of the Call for Applications and the minimum entry requirements of the selected study program(s). Applicants with a valid, formally correct application that meet the minimum entry requirements can proceed to the institutional entrance examinations. Each applicant can participate in up to two institutional entrance examinations – in accordance with their submitted applications.

Step Three (from 3/15 – 4/30 2020):

Students who won the scholarship from partner universities in Hungary will be selected and the Hungarian organization that is responsible for the scholarship will be notified of the names of the students nominated for the scholarship.

Step Four (6/30/2020):

The names of the applicants for the Hungarian scholarship will be announced and sent to you with the final acceptance.

Step Five, final step (July to August of 2020):

students prepare their papers to travel and apply for a Hungarian visa.

The semester begins at the beginning of the ninth month of 2020.

What are the nationalities approved for the Hungarian scholarship?

Students can apply from the following Sending Partners: Arab Republic of Egypt, Argentine Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Federative Republic of Brazil, Georgia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Japan, Kingdom of Cambodia, Kingdom of Morocco, Kingdom of Thailand, Kurdistan Regional Government/Iraq, Kyrgyz Republic, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Lebanese Republic, Republic of North Macedonia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Montenegro, Oriental Republic of the Uruguay, Pacific Alliance (member states: Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru), Palestine, People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, People’s Republic of Bangladesh, People’s Republic of China (including the Hudec scholarships), Republic of Albania, Republic of Angola, Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Cabo Verde, Republic of Colombia, Republic of Cuba, Republic of Ecuador, Republic of Ghana, Republic of India, Republic of Indonesia, Republic of Iraq, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Kenya, Republic of Korea, Republic of Kosovo, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Namibia, Republic of Paraguay, Republic of Serbia, Republic of Singapore, Republic of South Africa, Republic of the Sudan, Republic of the Philippines, Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Turkey, Republic of Uzbekistan, Republic of Yemen, Russian Federation, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, State of Eritrea, State of Israel, State of Kuwait, Syrian Arab Republic, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Tunisian Republic, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Mexican States, United Republic of Tanzania.

Again; The deadline for submitting the complete application package: 15 January 2020 – 23:59 (Central European Time)

لماذا الدراسة في المجر

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Why should you consider to study in Hungary?

1- Old tradition and great research institutions:
Hungary has a long history and tradition of higher education since the year 1367. There are also universities of National excellence, many research universities, research institutions and faculties in Hungary awarded by the Hungarian government on the strength of their international activities and high-level education.

2- High-Quality Education in many fields:
Hungary has various higher education fields, so students can easily find their interests from a wider variety of study fields such as “humanities, medical education, art, music, and natural sciences”.

3- Great Adventure:
International students are in love with Hungary and Hungary higher education. As most of them would come back to study in Hungary. In addition, the Hungarian tuition fee is cheaper than in most other countries. In addition, international students find studies in Hungary to be such an amazing experience.

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