Stay home, and get 25% Scholarship from Westcliff University

Scholarship for online programs

Scholarship from Westcliff University offers a 25% discount on all online programs for students directly studying from their home country.

We hope that you are staying safe and healthy amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Westcliff University remains fortunate in our ability to continue providing high-quality distance education and remote student support services. The staff and faculty of Westcliff are working tirelessly to ensure the needs of the Westcliff family are met and that we continue to stay updated on the COVID-19 pandemic.

With all the current travel restrictions and Embassy closures, we understand that students may be discouraged to pursue their higher education goals. To help alleviate this concern, Westcliff University is providing a 25% scholarship for all online programs offered for the rest of the 2020 start dates: May 4th, June 29th, August 31st, and October 26th. 

F1 students are not eligible for the online program 25% scholarship. Only students directly studying from their home country can apply for that scholarship.

As a reminder, all programs at Westcliff University are available in the 100% online format. Students can earn their degrees or short-term certificates at home in their own country. The flexibility of our programs allows students to complete a portion of their studies online while keeping the option open to finish their program on-campus later. Below are some other online-program benefits:

westcliff offer Scholarship
  • Always reduced tuition rates.
  • Access to high quality U.S. education from home.
  • You will enjoy the live virtual classroom participation (sessions are also recorded for extra review or time zone/Internet issues).
  • Large online library database.
  • Helpful, responsive technical assistance.
  • Save on international travel and living expenses.
  • Flexible schedule to work. 

About Westcliff University

The University Founded in 1993, and it is nestled in the heart of Southern
California, United States. Surrounded by scenic mountain views and ocean beaches.
Westcliff is a globally recognized university with a student body represented by 87 countries. Courses are taught synchronously both online and on-campus by committed and passionate professors who are recognized in their fields.
The University promotes school spirit and pride by offering collegiate athletics and student clubs. The University promises that no matter where you live, you have direct access to an affordable, consistently high-quality, world-class education from the United States through Westcliff University.

Westlicff Academic Programs

Business Programs:

  • BBA – Bachelor’s in Business Administration.
  • MBA – Master’s in Business Administration.
  • DBA – Doctor in Business Administration.
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate Programs –
  • Marketing, Organizational Leadership, Executive.
  • Management, and Business Administration.

IT and Computer Science programs:

  • BSIT – Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.
  • MSIT – Master of Science in Information Technology.
  • MSCS – Master of Science in Computer Science.

Education and TESOL

  • BAEd – Bachelor of Arts in Education.
  • MA TESOL – Master of Arts in Teaching English to
    Speakers of Other Languages.
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate Programs.
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Tuition Fees and Scholarship:

Westcliff university tuition fees

Tuition Per year for Online Bachelor Program $9,250. After Scholarship $6,900

Tuition Per year for Online Master Program $10,350. After Scholarship $7,760

Tuition Per year for Online Doctorate Program $9,150. After Scholarship $6,800

Westcliff University Accreditation:

The university is regionally accredited by WSCUC and nationally accredited by DEAC. Both accreditations are recognized by the US Department of Education and CHEA.

Westcliff university accreditation

About the location:

Fact about Irvine California

Students Life:

Westcliff University organizes various events for students to foster campus community, help students get involved with the community and celebrate the diversity of our student body. Past events include the Hiking Club, Hot Chocolate Social, Career Days, Movie Nights, etc. In addition, students can participate in such groups as the Westcliff University Student Association and the Peer Mentorship program.

students life in california
Photos from Westcliff University activities

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