Everything You Need To Know About Shorter University, Georgia.

Shorter university georgia

Considered to be the safest university in Georgia, and one of the most beautiful colleges in the South, Shorter University, Located in the city of Rome, Georgia is also a very affordable University, both for national and international students.

in the following lines, we are going to shed a light on everything you need to know about Shorter University,  from programs it provides to the application process and requirements.

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 Shorter university georgia

1- About programs and field of study:

Shorter University in Georgia offers various academic programs for all interests and careers.

With more than a hundred different academic programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees, Shorter University’s four top forty academic programs include Nursing, ecology, field biology and computer information systems.

in addition to that, Shorter University offers a business degrees that includes accounting, economics, general business management and many other business related programs.

in addition to that, it is important to note that Shorter University is well known for providing pre-professional programs, including pre-medecin, pre-dentistry and pre-physical therapy.

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And with the help and guidance of the best professors in the country from the most prestigious universities, 86% of the University’s medical school applicants are accepted in medical schools while the national average is 50%, which makes the Pre-professional program that Shorter University provides one of the strongest and highest quality in the country.


Shorter university application

2- application and admission requirements:

For applying to Shorter University, the applicant is required to submit the following:

  • SAT scores for native speakers. however, Non-native speakers must submit one of the following official scores:
    • A minimum of 450 critical reading plus a minimum of 450 in math.
    • A Cambridge English Scale score of at least 160 (Cambridge English Exams: First, Advanced or Proficiency) (undergraduate and graduate).
    • TOFEL ibt: a minimum of 61 for undergraduate programs, and a minimum of 68 for graduate programs.
    • IELTS: 5 (undergraduate and graduate).
    • PTI: a minimum of 44 for undergraduate programs and a minimum of 47 for graduate programs.
    • ACT: 19 (undergraduate and graduate).
  • Transcript and passport (Shorter University evaluates international transcripts in-house for undergraduate applicants)
  • To ensure the safety and well being of the students at Shorter University Georgia, the administration requires applicants to provide official documents showing that the family of the sponsor of the applicant can afford the first year expenses.

Shorter University guarantees a maximum of one-week turn around for the admission decision as soon as the needed documents are received.


shorter university fees

3- Tuition and Fees:

There is no doubt that Shorter University tuition and fees expenses are one of the most affordable prices in the country, and they can be listed as the following :

  • Undergraduate Annual Fees:
    • Tuition: $21,940 Living
    • Expenses: $9,400
    • General Fees: $430 Misc.
    • Expenses and Books: $3,960
    • Total Expenses: $35,730
  • Graduate Fees:
    • Tuition for entire program: $19,000
    • Annual Fees: Tuition (per year- for I20) $12,667
    • Books: $1,600 Living Expenses: $10,450
    • Misc. Expenses and Books: $6,380
    • Total Expenses: $31,097


Conclusion :

We believe at GGSA that applying to Shorter University Georgia is the best decisions to make for graduate and undergraduate students who are looking to study in one of the highest rated Universities in the country, yet among the most affordable.

Since 1873, Shorter University has been providing top quality education for all of its students, and with a number of distinctive programs. International students will find the most suitable program to the career you chose they chose.

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