Study MBA in the USA at Half Tuition Fees !

If you are looking for an affordable MBA program in the USA, Golden Gate offers you the chance to study MBA in the USA at half tuition fees! This is your chance to broaden your academic and professional experiences in business administration. In addition to obtaining a widely recognized degree from one of the best universities in the USA.  About The University of Massachusetts Boston The University of Massachusetts Boston is a public research university in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It was founded in 1852, and it is the only public research university in Boston and the third-largest campus in the...

Ultimate guide to cost of studying in USA 2022 for international students

The USA is the dream study abroad destination for many international students from around the globe. The privileges that the USA offers its students need no introduction! As the United States' high standards of education reflect the country's adherence to high academic research and interactive learning development that keeps pace with the times. However, the USA is considered one of the most expensive destinations to study abroad. And the first question that an international student finds himself asking is “can I afford the cost of studying in the USA?”. The study cost in the USA can be cheaper than what...

Universities admissions in the USA without IELTS or TOEFL 2022

Thousands of international students choose the USA as their first study abroad destination. However, one of the main struggles when it comes to USA universities admission, is the TOEFL or IELTS exam scores. Where, most universities in the United States require a good score on these tests as a minimum admissions criterion. That’s why a lot of international students try to find Universities in the USA without IELTS or TOEFL test scores. Many international students come from Non-English backgrounds. Some of them might have gone through an English course, but did not reach the level of proficiency required to undertake...

Study aviation in the USA: Guide on how to become a pilot in the USA !

Studying aviation is one of the best educational and career paths you may ever take! Choosing your aviation study destination to become a pilot is also very important to your learning quality and future opportunities. That is why studying aviation courses in the USA is an endless door of possibilities and advantages for international students who would like to become a pilot in the USA or any other country around the world.    In this article, we are going to provide you with all necessary information to study aviation in the USA as an international student. From the requirements, cost, aviation...

Ultimate Guide to Study at The University Of South Florida USF

Are you considering the United States as a study abroad destination? Are you still looking for the best US state to settle down, based on your academic and financial goals? You have come to the right place! Because Florida state is the best choice to study in the US for international students. As It ranks #1 best state for higher education (for 3 consecutive years), and #6 with the most international students In the US. Through this article, you can find everything you need about studying in one of the best universities in Florida for international students, the University of...

10 best In demand degrees with guaranteed Jobs in USA

Choosing a demanding degree that you are passionate about that guarantees you a job is quite challenging. It is very important to weigh the two options before you start your degree with a shaky decision. In demand degrees with guaranteed jobs in the US are determined by the job prospects and career growth potential in the global economy. If you are planning on getting a university degree in the US, checking  the most popular courses out there can help you make an informed decision.

Guide to transferring universities or college to university in the US

If you are already studying in the US as an international student, you should know that you have the option of transferring universities in the US. Whether you would like to transfer from community college to university or  from university to another, since you have a valid student visa in the US, the process of transferring might be easier than you think. Keep reading this ultimate guide for all information you need. Before transferring universities in the US, there are many factors to be considered. International students may feel more pressured about the process because of their unfamiliarity with the...

Becoming a doctor in the US: How long is medical school in the US?

If you are wondering how long it takes to become a doctor in the US, this means you are already interested in becoming a doctor in the US! However, pursuing a medical profession requires a comprehensive understanding of the necessary time invested.  It is a long journey, however, medicine is one of the best career paths for those who like to learn new things. In fact, it is the beginning of a lifetime educational and professional experience. 

Top College Majors in the US for 2022-2023

What makes getting a university degree from America so special? and how important is it to choose from top college majors in the US? Many students wish to study in the United States. A destination where people aim to develop their professional and social ambitions. With various opportunities, they can look at the world from a different perspective. A place with a variety of research areas from which they may choose what works best for them. 

How can I Get a Master’s Degree in USA?

International students make quite a significant contribution to the US education system, and therefore, colleges and universities welcome them. Although the students may have to overcome some obstacles to study in the USA, an international student is seen as a valuable commodity. One has to thoroughly research the colleges and universities that offer masters in studying and apply to several of them. It is better to be accepted in more than one school and choose to apply to one or two and not get accepted by them.


It can be quite challenging to study medicine in the USA, but for those having a passion and are willing to put in the required effort, it is undoubtedly worth the hard work. When a student graduates, he is able to have the skills for the people in need, and this can indeed make a real difference in their lives, and that is worth hours of hard work. Students, who would love to be faced with new and challenging experiences, and help people, may study medicine in USA. Though the path can be long and hard, the reward for such...

What is the difference between University of California and California State University?

University of California UC and California State University CSU are prestigious universities throughout California. In this article we will answer the following questions: What is California University? What is California State University? What is the difference between USC and CSU? What is the best university to enroll in? let's see

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