Top College Majors in the US for 2022-2023

Top College Majors in the US for 2021-2022

What makes getting a university degree from the US so special? and how important is it to choose from top college majors in the US? Many students dream to study in the United States. A destination where people aim to develop their professional and academic ambitions. With many opportunities in the US, they can look at the world from a different perspective. A place with a variety of research areas from which they may choose what works best for them.

American universities attract international students from all over the world. Through the university’s professional diversity, different degrees can be found including bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees.

Those who want to finish their undergraduate studies in the United States may have some questions and doubts. So if you are still not sure about choosing a university major in the USA, here we present the most prominent and most popular university majors in the US in detail, allowing you to select the best among them.

Most popular Engineering majors in the US

Most popular Engineering majors in the US

1. Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering in the US is one of the best graduate programs that provide students with great career paths in the US. So it is a sector of technology specializing in machinery and workstations designing, and manufacturing that produce chemical reactions.

Those processes involve refining and production of oil from inorganic fertilizers, and the production of paper, metals, synthetic fibers, and foodstuffs, from chemicals and microplastics in industrial fields. However, from all over universities and colleges in the US, the main bachelor’s courses in the field of chemical engineering are biology, chemistry, and physics.

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Jobs opportunities in the US for Chemical Engineers:

Chemical engineers can work in a variety of fields, from pharmaceutical firms to laboratories to big corporations. Their unemployment rate in the US varies from 4% to 7% with an average salary of 75,000 dollars a year. Also, the expected growth in jobs by 2022 is 6%.

2. Electronic Engineering

Electronic engineering is one of the most popular college majors in the US. This field consists of the study of electrical components of many devices including other related branches. So those who aim to get this university degree must have an athletic and physical mindset and spirit.

Electronic engineering might be a difficult college major to study, but having this expertise brings many other potential opportunities along.

Many universities in the US offer degrees of bachelor’s, master and doctoral degrees in electronic engineering. And to stay up with era changes and professional demand, a bachelor’s degree must be finished within four years. Thus, through access to a variety of study courses and plans, students will have outstanding results of scientific and practical expertise.

Jobs opportunities in the US for Electronic Engineers:

The world’s largest firms in the US, which work in electric power plants and huge manufacturing, open doors for those with such experience. Thus, the average income for this college major is $60,000, and it is likely to increase this year as the demand for this field of experts continues to rise.

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3. Civil engineering

Civil engineering is one of the most popular college majors and possibly the oldest engineering discipline in the US. As we all know, it is a wide field divided into many disciplines with many educational options and degrees.

American universities offer many bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in this field. However, a master’s degree in civil engineering is the most valued one.

4. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the areas that many students wish to study in the US. As US universities are one of the world’s most regarded in this field. Also, American colleges are very well-known for postgraduate degrees in mechanical engineering.

Most popular medical majors in the US

Most popular medical majors in the US

1. Pharmacy

With more than 15,000 students graduating from pharmacy school each year, no wonder it’s one of the top college majors in the US. Pharmacology is the study of medicines, their characteristics, and how they are formed.

Apart from pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences, it covers several sectors. This includes pharmacology, industrial pharmacology, hospital pharmaceutical, community pharmacy, and veterinary medicine.

Jobs opportunities in the US for Pharmacists:

Depending on the university degree and experience of the degree holder, the average pay is $105,000 yearly and is anticipated to rise by 2022. Also Pharmacists’ demand in pharmacies and hospitals increases over time, with unemployment rates decreasing in this field by 3%.

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2. Physiotherapy

Physical therapy, often known as physiotherapy, is one of the most important college majors in the medical field in the US. Physiotherapy is a treatment that aims to restore, preserve, and maximize a patient’s mobility, function, and well-being. It also assists by rehabilitating the human body, preventing injuries, and improving health and fitness.

Individuals will have several opportunities to graduate from US universities and colleges with bachelor, master’s, and Ph.D. studies in this area. They will gain greater experience in specialized US universities. Not to mention that this will also help them to get into the labor market faster.

Jobs opportunities in the US for Physiotherapists:

Physical therapists in the US can work in a variety of settings, including hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. The average pay is about $60,000 yearly, with an increased salary for higher experience and skills.

3. Nursing

Nursing is one of the most popular college majors in the United States. It is also one of the most significant medical specialties out there. The demands for such studies are significantly increasing on a daily basis.

There are numerous options for earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing from a US university. Fellowship or bachelor’s degree are required in order to enable the graduate to work as a nurse in the US. It takes two to three years to complete the fellowship and a Bachelor of nursing degree lasts for four years.

Jobs opportunities in the US for Nurses:

In this industry, the unemployment rate in the US has declined since hospitals and healthcare facilities need it. The average nurse’s wage is 60,000 dollars, and by 2022 jobs are going to increase by 26 percent!

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4. Medical Technology

It is the field that creates medical technology solutions and services that aid in the saving of human lives. This field is regarded as one of the most renowned and significant medical fields.

Because it is dedicated to providing contemporary technology and diverse services to the medical profession. Many US universities have bachelor’s degrees programs in medical technology. Courses like biology, chemistry, and clinical laboratories are all used in the research field.

Jobs opportunities in the US for medical technology

The employment rate in this industry in the US is increasing, which bodes well for current students. Graduates typically find jobs in US hospitals and laboratories. The current unemployment rate has dropped from 2% to 4%, with an average salary of roughly $50,000 yearly, estimated to increase by 13% this year.

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Most popular Administration majors in the US

Most popular Administration majors in the US

1. Business Management

With more than 180,000 students graduating from US universities yearly, this field is considered one of the most important top college majors in the US.

Many colleges and universities across the world offer an undergraduate degree in business management. In the USA, you may easily get a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degree. A bachelor’s degree can be finished in three to four years.

Jobs opportunities in the US for Business Management:

The demand for such a field is growing, especially since the number of projects worldwide is expanding. Their yearly pay in the US is around $50,000, and this year the numbers of jobs are expected to rise by 17%.

2. Management Information System

This field includes system analysis and design, database work, network, and security. It connects the computer science major and the practical field of the company as it highlights problematic business issues introducing effective technical solutions.

It is one of the most desirable professions for MIS graduates. There are some universities and colleges in the US that offer a bachelor’s degree in MIS. Academic research generally takes three years to finish. Although it can take up to four years if training is included.

Jobs opportunities in the US for Management Information System:

Graduates of this program typically work in the Information Technology industry for large corporations. The current unemployment rate in the US is between 5% and 7%. Their average yearly salary is about $60,000, and job growth is expected to reach 18 percent in 2022.

Are you still not sure what to study in the US? We hope that this list of top college majors in the US for 2022 helped you to understand some of the most well-known majors in the most popular destination for international students to study abroad.

Maybe by now, you have already made your decision! So If you would like to study in the US and get a US university degree it is the perfect time to make your move!

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