Types of boarding schools in the United States of America

Types of boarding schools

In this article, you can know about many types of USA boarding schools, and before that, we should mention a simple overview of what these schools are and what level of education they offer to their students.

Boarding schools are a type of school where students can study and stay throughout the year. These types of schools are equipped with modern and high-quality equipment. Besides they provide high-quality education and specific programs of sports, arts, and entertainment activities.

Types of boarding schools in the United States of America

There are over 300 different schools in the USA, and you can choose the suitable type of them for you among the following types:

Preparatory boarding schools

Aim to prepare students for university academic life. So it opens its doors for the students who are enthusiastic about excellence and looking for new opportunities. It also receives students with learning differences.

And there are additional differences between these types of schools that are all for boys or girls with few numbers and there are also a number of boarding schools in America for one sex. Here a list of boarding schools in USA

Military boarding schools

The aim of this type of school is also to prepare students for university life, adding discipline and military structure.

Pre-professional arts schools

One of the types that specialize in helping students to train in a variety of artistic areas, such as music, visual arts, theater, ballet, creative writing, etc. Aiming to prepare the student to enroll in a traditional college or specialized schools such as music institutes and other similar.

Religious boarding schools

This type focuses on the study of a particular religion, spiritual education and encouraging the students to practice it in their daily and practical life. 

Boarding schools for young people

These schools provide opportunities for students to succeed in the eighth grade or less as they exclusively focus on junior students. Which are different from other schools in the USA. Which focuses on preparing students for preparatory classes and qualifying them for academic life at the university level.

Therapeutic boarding schools

Among the types of boarding schools are the so-called therapeutic boarding schools. Which target students who have difficulty in enrolling in traditional schools and integrating into their environments. Preparing students for the university level could be one of the goals of this type in the United States.

In addition, they are also distinct from other schools by their ability to deal with students who face challenges and difficulties. Such as; behavioral, emotional ones or substance misuse or any learning difficulties.
This type may be called boarding schools for troubled youth, or boarding schools for struggling youth.

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How to choose the type of boarding school?

Anyway, these schools with their various types provide a safe environment for students. A distinct level of education, good preparation for academic life, self-reliance training, personality development and making lifelong friends. In parallel, their small classes provide greater attention to students and help them achieve academic success, where teachers can spend more time with students and monitor them individually.

The types of boarding schools in the United States vary according to their goals and what they provide for their students. And whether you want to enroll your children in one of them for reasons of work or your desire to have the best level of education possible. You can engage an educational consultant to guide you to the best types that fit your child’s needs and requirements so as to achieve your goals and inspirations.

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