What is a good SAT score for 2021

good SAT score

When applying to universities in the USA there are two standard admission tests (SAT / ACT). These college entrance exams can drastically increase your chances of getting into US universities. So you might be wondering, what is a good SAT score?. The definition of “good” SAT score might change from US university to another, However, it’s always a good idea to aim for the best!

In this article we will answer the following questions:

  • What is the SAT test?
  • What is a good SAT score?
  • How can you improve SAT score?

What is the SAT test?

SAT test is one of the standard exams for admission to American universities. It was first performed in 1926, and it aims to test the intellectual potential. With the advent of the forties of the last century, it became a standard test for all applicants for US universities.

Recently in 2016, the test underwent some changes in the content and structure. But they maintain the primary purpose of the test and the format of multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper test. Currently, the 2016 version of SAT score consists of three sections:

  • Reading.
  • Writing and Language.
  • Math (which consists of two subsections, No Calculator and Calculator).

What is the SAT test?

The primary goal of the SAT test is to demonstrate the student’s readiness for college. They test basic skills such as comprehension and reading, arithmetic ability and clarity of expression. It also allows comparison among students because everyone is taking this test.

How Is the SAT test scored?

Students receive a total score that is the sum of their scores on the two sections (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math). Each section of the SAT is scored on a 200 to 800 point scale. Whereas, the SAT Essay, when applicable, is scored separately.

SAT score range

The SAT score ranges from 400 – 1600, Where the maximum SAT score is 1600. In order to know if your SAT result is good or not, you need to understand exactly how the test scores work.

First;y, it’s important to know that the percentage of the SAT test shows you the percentage of students who got the same score or got a better result.

For example, if you got 60% in the SAT test you scored better than 60% of the students taking the test.

The average SAT score is 1059 for the total score. Where the average SAT score for Writing and Math is 528, and the average for Evidence-Based Reading Writing is 531.

SAT scores follow the normal distribution. That means 1000 points is the midpoint between the minimum SAT score of 400 and the highest SAT score possible of 1,600.

For example, if the score rises from 1000 points to 1100 points (that is 100 points), the percentage of SAT score increases from 40% to 58%. However, if the result increases from 1250 points to 1350 points (also 100 points), the percentage increases from 81% to 91%, that is only 10%.

If the result increases from 1450 points to 1550 points (i.e. a 100-point rise at the top of the scale), the percentage increases only 3%.

So what is a good SAT score?

1070 is the average SAT score, so a good SAT result is based on the average. That means getting a score of 1250 will put you in the percentage of 81%. And a score of 1350 in SAT will put you in the top 9% of applicants.

A score of 1400 will put you in the highest 6% of applicants. As for the result 1500, it will place you in the top 1% – 2% of the applicants

On the contrary, any result less than 1060 is less than the average SAT score. This also applies to the percentages of the Departments of Mathematics and Reading and Writing where the distributions are similar to this method.

SAT score and university admission

Achieving a score of 1280 on the SAT test, which is a good and strong score of 84%, means that your grades are the same or higher than the grades of 84% of students applying to the exam.

And you will be accepted in most US universities such as Arizona State University (where the average score is 1250). You will be accepted at Temple University as well (the average score is 1230).

However, this result will not qualify you for admission to other more selective universities such as:

Ultimately, it is the SAT score that will make you a competitor for admission to the universities of your choice.

Getting a good score in SAT and how to improve my score

Getting a good score in SAT and how to improve my score

The maximum score in the SAT test is 1600. There are only around 500 students out of two million applicants who take the exam annually and get the highest SAT score possible. Here are some ways to improve your SAT test score:

1. Using high-quality study materials

It is not enough to depend on your level of skills that will be tested, because SAT has its own methods. So you should study from the SAT curricula, which are renewed and constantly developed.

2. Adhere to the study schedule

You need to study for the SAT test to divide the materials into small parts. So you need to organize them and organize your time in a schedule and follow this schedule.

Schedule Templates are available for the SAT test. It is completely free. All you have to do is choose the table that suits you and suits your time.

3. Take previous experimental tests

You must perform previous experimental tests in order to prepare yourself for the real test. These tests are available and free of charge.

4. Improving your academic techniques

It is important to know your weakness and strength. You have to work on them by doing experiential training tests.

5. Not feeling fear and stress from the test

Give yourself plenty of time for the test preparation, and review your information periodically. Practicing under exam conditions is a great way to exposure yourself to circumstances that tend to make you anxious. This will definitely help you to get a good SAT score.  

6. Use a timer when training

You need to know how fast or slow you should work on each section of the test. This is an important factor to succeed.

7. Skip questions that you cannot solve within 30 seconds.

If you face hard questions, try to choose a random answer and skip it to focus more time on questions you have a higher chance of answering correctly.

8. Find techniques for the reading test

it is best to fully read the text at first, a quick read in 3 minutes.

The SAT is a test of things and information you already know and have. But you do need a little to hone your capabilities in a way that is appropriate for passing this test and improving your score.

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