Can I work in USA after graduation?

work in usa for international students

Working in USA is a dream for many individuals. But those who have some passion and are keen to work hard, of course, will be able to work in America after graduation and turn this dream into reality.

If you are a recent graduate student, or in the final year, there are many things that occupy your mind, the most important of which is “Can I work in USA after graduation?”

Getting a job that suits you is one of the most urgent concerns, especially if you want to work in USA, so the possibility of getting a job after graduation requires you to work hard to find what suits you.

But are you studying at an American university or institute? Or you are not registered yey and still want to work in the United States after graduation?

If you are studying at an American university:

If you are studying at a university in America, the best way to get a good job is conducting training as part of your studies, why not, you can try to organize your time during the study period and start receiving an intensive set of training courses after the end of university day.

Having many skills makes you able to find suitable jobs after graduation, as the more your experience is, the more job opportunities you will get in America after graduation.

Also, continuous education is one of the best ideal methods to develop new skills and gain many experiences, in addition to learning more about your target job, and learning ways to show competence to the employer is very vital. You can check the information about study in USA.

If you are not a student at an American university:

In case, you are not registered at an American university or institute, and you wish to work in USA after graduation, the dream may seem difficult at first, but it is not impossible!

This is because employers are willing to look at candidates outside their borders, because they have specific business goals that they need to achieve, and if they find that you have the competence and experience enough to achieve those goals, then you will naturally top their first recruitment lists.

But be aware, about 90% of failures of finding a job in America come from just one mistake … which is applying without targeting the right job for you!

Even before thinking about building your American resume (CV) and applying to vacancies in the United States, you should target the right open vacancies.

But targeting jobs in your field of expertise is not enough! You need to understand that up to 5% of businesses in the U.S. may sponsor you for a business visa, depending on your position and profile, as well as the job opportunities that you can get.

So first, let’s delve deeper into what you want, and what you will get based on your position, profile, and expectations, as this is the foundation of your American business.

working in usa after graduate

4 important tips for those coming to work in America:

  • You must master the English language, in case, it isn’t your mother tongue. you can send your request from here to study English in USA
  • Knowledge of the culture of American people.
  • Constantly developing yourself and your abilities.
  • Flexibility plus dedication to work.

Do you have the right to work in USA?

In order to be able to find a job in the United States of America, you must have a permit to live and work in the United States of America. Or in other words, you must have a green card or a valid work visa as with either of these, the gates of the labor market will become open to you.

Where nearly 61% of graduates want to get a chance to work abroad every year, especially in America, but the USA is a complex country to enter because of its steadfast position on immigration. But there is a set of programs and visas available for specific groups, so you will need to make sure of choosing the best way.

It is not related to a specific field, as there are many complications around immigration laws and the possibility of obtaining travel visas, regardless of where you want to work. But before starting to solve these struggles, there is a basic problem that you must work to solve first, which is an adaptation with the continuous change of surrounding environmental conditions. In addition to the development of management systems and means in the place, you wish to work within the states, especially in the period of coronavirus pandemic and a blurry scene of near future.

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