Study in Austria

Why Study in Austria?

Study in Austria 

Austria is a wonderful country. Its special location makes it a desired destination and a beautiful place to travel to and to study it as it is located in the center of Europe. Its location makes it has a rich history of art, literature, and culture. It has many reasons that the international students choose it.

Four Reasons makes you choose Austria to study in:

1- High Education System:

Austria has more than 39 public, private and teacher training schools. Studying in Austria gives you a unique study experience. International students have the opportunity to study in specialized universities. 

2- Low Study Fees:

Studying in Austria is cheap compared to other countries but it is also very good. Therefore, you pay less for more. It is amazing really. 

3- Easy Admission Procedures:

Austria has easy admission procedures. State universities do not require the international students to take any entrance exams. In addition, they do not require them to know the German language. English is enough.

4- Chances to work while Studying:

Studying in Austria gives the international students the chance to work while they are studying which helps them in the study cost and the living expenses. As after the applicant has been admitted to a course, the international student receives a student visa with a work permit, which enables them to work while studying.

Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

The cost of living in Austria is low and affordable comparing to other countries.

Study Cost:

1- For public universities:

For EU students: they do not pay for studying. They just pay 18 Euro per semester for the student union and student insurance.

For non-Eu students: 1450 Euro per year.

Russian Students are paying 760 Euro per semester. While Ukrainian students are paying 380 Euro per semester.

For any other international students: 726 Euro per semester. 

2- For private universities:

The cost is between 1000 to 4000 Euro per year.

3- For German Language courses:

1 Year German preparation course (Only 1st Year) € 800 – € 1,640 /Year

Living Expenses:

International students should prepare themselves to spend between 550 to 950 Euros per month for the living expenses. It varies depending on the city they are in.

General Costs per Month:

250 – 450 Euro


200 – 400 Euro

Food & Others (basic)

50 Euro

Health insurance

15 Euro


€ 550 – € 950

Total monthly expenses

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