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Why Study in Russia?

Russia has glorious architecture, fabled history, vibrant culture and dazzling nightlife. You will love studying and living in it. As an international student, you will have plenty of activities to keep yourself busy and live a great experience.

Here are top four reasons to study in Russia:

study in russia

1- Prestigious Universities:
Russia is the world’s largest country and it is the home to so many universities. It offers for international students excellent, globally recognized educational opportunities. Russia has the best and brightest high school graduates and it offers for international students endless opportunities for academic enrichment.

2- Premier Universities:
Russia has premier universities, which are also scientific centers. Most of the Russian universities are world class in every sense of the term, renowned excellence, independent, coeducational, and of government endowment. They have numerous academic departments, divisions, and award programs, as well as interdisciplinary centers and scientific work programs, extend beyond departmental boundaries.

3- Amazing Research Fields:
Russia has many of state-of-the-art facilities, and it places a premium on international collaboration. If you are looking for a truly global, innovative international study experience, it will be waiting for you in Russia.

4- Excellence Academic fields: Russia has many premier universities that are renowned for academic excellence. Russia has the best programs especially “engineering, medicine, economics, law, and international relations”.


Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

Tuition in Russia:

Tuition Fees for Public Universities:

Range from 2000$ to 4000$ per year including the language training programs.

Tuition fees for courses like “medicine, engineering, design” range from 3500$ to 5000$ per year.

Different degree programs range from 2000$ to 8000$ per year.

Living Expenses cost in Russia:

Housing ranges between 250$ to 400$ per month.

General Costs per Month on average:
Housing250 – 400 USD
Food150 – 200 USD
Transportation65 USD
Internet10 – 15 USD
Utilities150 USD


Admission Requirements

International students can apply online or directly at the admissions office of the university.

Requirements for Bachelor programs:

– Higher secondary school certificate in the related subject with transcripts.

Requirements for Master programs:

– Four years bachelors’ degree with transcripts.

– Higher secondary school certificate.

– Write a motivation letter and essay.

Requirements for Ph.D. programs:

– Bachelor’s degree with transcripts.

– Master degree in the related subject with transcripts.

6 easy steps for admission            

admission in russia

Program duration:

Bachelor programs duration: 3 – 4 years.

Master programs duration: 1 – 2 years.

Language Requirements:

– For English: IELTS, TOEFL.

work opportunities

Working in Russia

If you have a Russian student visa, you will require a work permit from the Federal Migration Service. Work permits costs “60$”.

Required documents:

– Passport.

– Migration card.

– Application form

– Employment contract.

– Medical certificate.

– Acceptance letter of a full-time course.

Note that:

The work permit is valid for one year and can be extended for the duration of the employment contract.

visa process

Visa Process

As an international student, you must have a student visa in order to study in Russia.

Required Documents for a student visa:

– Passport “valid for 18 months”.

– One recent passport photos.

– Acceptance letter.

– Medical certificate.

– Filled-in application form.

– Diploma or degree of educational qualification certificates.

– Proof of tuition fee payment.

– Confirmation that you will leave Russia at the end of the authorized stay.

Note that:

If you are under 18 years old, you must have a consent document signed by your parents or your legal guardians.

To extend your Russian student visa, you will need the following documents:

– Passport.

– Completed application form.

– Photo.

– A copy of your enrolment agreement or a referral from the Ministry of Education.

– A letter showing the reason that you need the visa extended.

– Migration card.

Our office is ready to help you with all procedures starting from finding the right universities and courses to the admission and getting the acceptance letter until the applying for the student visa and the admission to the university.

study language

Study Language in Russia

Study Russian Language in Russia:

Russian is the six official languages in the world. Although some of the programs are offered in English, the majority of the programs in Russia are offered in Russian. You will be required a proof of language proficiency by taking language courses and passing language exams.

Study Russian in Russia:

Russia is providing preparatory courses for international students that last for one academic year. The course includes Russian lessons and other subjects. You can take your courses in English first, and then switch to Russian later. Preparatory courses are free for those who enroll under government scholarships. You can study Russian at any university you prefer, and then enroll in the one that offers the desired program. The main advantage of those courses is their high quality, as university professors who are experts in teaching Russian as a foreign language teach students.

Study English in Russia:

Russia universities offer to study in English so that you will be able to study in Russia if you know only the basics of the Russian language or even if you do not know it at all. The terms and conditions of admission to English-language programs of Russian university vary. It all depends on the university, the program, and the student chosen subject. English Master Programs will teach you the complexities of the English language. These programs will help you become a better writer, editor or speaker in your professional and daily life.

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