Preparing for your stay in the USA

In Preparing for stay and study in the US, students must carefully plan their trip in order to get the best and make their stay abroad a success. You need to start your plan early enough and if possible use a timetable to guide yourself to do the necessary. You need to make a list of everything you will do, from your school selection to admission processing e.t.c. Student needs to plan for the following before they leave their home country.

Student visa is very important for your studies in the USA. Thy type of visa issued to a student will definitely determine if such student has the option to work in the United States while schooling.

It is advisable that students learn how to always keep in touch and stay connected with friends, family, loved ones and even our institution so they can always get advice and help on any issue that may or will arise

USA has one of the most very complex and advanced health care system in the world. We always ensure we provide health care advice and information to our students before they embark on their journey.

Students must ensure they have made temporary arrangement for accommodation and plan before arriving in the US. We also assist students in making plans and securing temporary accommodation so they won’t be stranded on arrival.

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