Study Cost in UK

Here you get a guide on what cost you are likely to incur why you prepare for your career in the UK. As always, study cost in the UK can vary depending on what part of the country you are planning to study.

Living Expenses

Living expenses in the UK is almost the same thing with what you will find in USA and Australia. How much you are going to spend on living expenses depends on the type of lifestyle you have been living back in your home country.

School Fees

Depending on the University of Study in the UK, the fee varies with even some scholarship. The tuition fee for most schools between £5000 and £1000 per year. Here is a list of some popular universities in the UK and their fee

  • University of Manchester – £8,100 per year
  • Essex University £5,700 to £7,500 yearly
  • Oxford University £9,750 yearly
  • The university of Liverpool £5,500 to £7,000 yearly
  • University of London approximately £210 per week

Student Accommodation

There are many options for places to live as a student in the UK, each of these places also varies in cost.
Halls of Residence option normally start from about £50 to about £80 per week for some bigger universities. 

You may be lucky to have some with catering facilities such as a canteen, but most likely the residence will just have a kitchen so you can cook your own food.
You can then go house hunting and find your own accommodation or get a group of 6 students that you would like to live with so that the rent will be cheaper when the amount is split  between 6 people.


You can budget about £25 to £30 per week for food if you buy your own food.



Telephone (mobile)

This depends on the provider and the tariff you are using. But we usually advise students to go for Prepaid because it is generally cheaper to control your costs. This might cost you up to £5 per week.



Telephone (landline)

Rate of £10 per month for just a line, so per week you might be spending £2.50 on calls




You also need to be aware of bills like water, electricity, and heating. This can vary from about £10 per week for all bills depending on the time of year.




For standard DSL in the UK, most companies will charge about £5 per week




At times you need to also have fun which will help you relax your nerves from stress. In the UK a cinema ticket costs about £8, a DVD rental around £3.



Study Materials

Also make a budget for Books, paper, notepads, printer and cartridges you should budget about £7 per week for this.




It is advisable to also have a budget for traveling expenses wish will cost you from £10 per week or more most especially if you are in London

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