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We always strive to be of exquisite value to our clients because each student’s success is our success.

” I check out GGUSA website looking for information about studying in USA and sent my request, I found out they can help me and they did, they got me a conditional offer to a Marshall university in Business Administration and they also trained me for the embassy interview which got me to get my visa to USA. I am preparing myself to travel now and everything is going as planned. I want to thank GGSA for amazing help and support. I don’t think I could get my visa without their direction.” Mohammad from Turkey,. He was accepted in Marshall University, USA/ English program & Master
“Golden Gate Agency helped me to feel more confident about approaching new challenges. The staff at Golden Gate Agency were fantastic and helped me through my studies, every step of the way. Thanks for helping me achieve my dream and study in USA” Abdulaziz from Saudi Arabia accepted to George Mason University, USA/ English pathway, and BS in Industrial Engineering
“Thank you GGSA Team for helping me getting me into University of Art Academy without your support I don’t think I would do it on my own. Next year my brother will finish high school and definitely I will ask him to visit you 🙂 ” Hashem from Egypt. Accepted to University of Art Academy, USA/ Master in architecture Engineering
“I recommend this company because they helped me to complete my study abroad in USA to study English language and find a good university fit my qualification to study Master in education administration. I appreciate your help and encourage every student who planning to study abroad to use their services.” Hassan from Saudi Arabia. Accepted to Ashland university, USA / Med Education
“One of the best international students recruitment agencies and they are really fast . They are very reliable . If anybody wants to study in USA and need help then you are in the right place.” Khaed from Kuwait. Accepted to Atlantis university, USA / BS Computer Engineering
“I am Sami From Jordan, I work and live in London, I hold a Master degree in International business from university of Greenwich, I met Soufian from Golden Gate Agency during my trip in United States in 2013 and he helped me to prepare all the documents and the application process for the UK university, thanks to Soufian and Golden Gate Agency team I managed to live and work in the country I dreamt of living in.” Jordan Accepted to university of Greenwich, UK/ MBA
“Hi, I am Liza from Brazil, I was looking to study in USA and I found international student agency called Golden Gate USA online, they helped me to prepare all my application, visa process and get a pathway offer. I am currently studying English language in California and preparing for my language placement test where I will hopefully pass it and enroll to the university. Thank you Golden Gate USA for making this happen!” Brazil Accepted to SSU, USA/ English program
“Extremely satisfied with the service provided and everything is more than perfect. They help me in all the steps to get into college and even in airport and finding me accommodation in Kuala Lumpur from supported agency there” Saudi Arabia Accepted to Universiti Teknologi, Malaysia / BS in Nursing
“I was looking to complete my academic journey in UK and I did not know from where I should start! until I found this website and send me inquiry about study in UK. Now I am in my second year in Glasgow University and very proud to be here.” Libya Accepted to Glasgow University, UK/ BS in Electrical Engineering
“A perfect international student agency, they are really trustworthy and have excellent timing. I got my acceptance letter, I-20 and VISA in less than a month. If you want to study in the US this is the best place to be.” Kuwait Accepted to Atlantis University, USA/ BS in Business Administration

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