Helping with resume and personal statement

Golden Gate USA aims to guide international students with just everything. We make sure that no element of your admission process gets neglected, acts as a weak link and results in denying your admission. It is extremely important to keep all aspects of your application and admission process intact.

Remember that only a single aspect of your application is enough to ruin your aspirations for getting into a well reputed US college or university.

Resumes and personal statements are instrumental when it comes to casting an impeccable impression over the officials. On average a resume isn’t being stared at for more than six seconds. Same goes for personal statements as well. While this might seem a little unjust, it is your time and space to make all the difference and stand out in the swamp of documents. We help you capitalise this opportunity to your favour by helping you draft excellent and precise resume and personal statements.
Let us have a look at how we help you on a personal level with these two extremely important documents:


Resumes for academic purposes have to be drafted differently from the ones used for applying to jobs. Only a few people get it right and make through. Along with guiding you on how to write a student resume exquisitely, we also analyze the resume before submissions to make the final trims. This way you get immediate personalized advice from our experts on your

Personal Statements

Writing a personal statement is equally important as anything on your application. Personal statements are often filled up with a run of the mill content. What most reviewers are looking for while screening your personal statement is original, personalized and grammatically correct text. We help you draft what sets you apart from the rest.

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