Housing and Travel Assistance

Accommodation Options

During your time at our partner universities you will have several boarding options, such as:

  1. Student accommodation
  2. Private accommodation
  3. Homestay

GGSA promises to support you through every stage of the admission process till you get settled in the new country. We are aware of the worries and mixed thoughts an international student might face, especially if it is your first time. We guide you through it all and help you get on board with our viable connections.

Campus Residence

One of the things student stress about is finding suitable residence and means of transportation. While you can explore various options once you settle in, starting your search on your own can be a little daunting. With most programs, it is compulsory to reside on campus initially. The time can vary depending upon the program you are enrolled in. Living on campus has a great advantage as it allows you to interact with students from all parts of the world, and help you get immersed in the local culture. Besides, living on campus may solve your transportation concerns as everything is usually within walking distance from your room. 

Off campus housing

Off campus housing is allowed for some programs even as a freshman. Others can look forward to this option later in their programs. We help you connect with professional who will make sure you chose the right boarding option that fits your need and budget. Moreover, you can also explore various home stay options, such as sharing a house with a local family. While off-campus residence can be a little tough to get, it lets you experience the city life profoundly.

Airport Pickup

Arriving in a new country can nerve wracking it you don’t make the right arrangements. So get in touch with us beforehand. Tell us the details of your flight and we will arrange a pickup service to welcome you at the airport and take you to your new place.

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