Woodbury University! Best Business School in California

Woodbury university one of the top prestigious business school in California, USA:

Are you looking for a university that combines legacy, keeping pace with modern educational systems, caring for the practical side of science and preparing you well for a professional life?  Are you looking for a prestigious degree in business administration or other important disciplines from american university?! So now you’re in the right place. Woodbury University brings you all of these benefits and more, know now and join one of the most prestigious American universities in California.

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Woodbury University history:

Woodbury University maintains a long and honorable history of academic work making it the second oldest university in Los Angeles, California. And among the most prestigious American and international universities in the public. Specifically established in 1884, which gave it and is still a well-established academic and scientific base that enables its affiliates or future applicants to be assured of their educational path. And they ensuring access to it on a high academic level, that takes into account all modern professional and creative requirements.

The University of Woodbury was established for a great mission and that was to educate the Los Angeles residents in terms of practice areas. And take their hands towards mastering management, auditing, commercial accounting and so forth. Then the academic expansions at the university continued afterward to include many other disciplines. All of which fall under three main areas which are business management, engineering and design as well as the division of literature and arts.

Why you have to consider Woodbury University to study business administration in California?

Global Ranking:

2015-2019: A nationally recognized university as a college of excellence for four consecutive years.

Top 4%: Among the first four percent in terms of economic value in the United States of America.

Economist Magazine.

Ranking 14 : It ranks 14th out of 110 small colleges in California in terms of economic value according to Great College Deals, 2016.

The tenth in California: According to the New York Times, Woodbury University ranks 10th in California for students’ academic development.

–The Upshot / New York Times.

Seventeenth on the West Coast: The university’s academic programs are ranked 17th among the West Coast programs. –Animation Career Review Magazine.

Ranking 18 in Architecture: Woodbury University School of Architecture was ranked eighteenth in the country for undergraduate programs.  2018 Design / Intelligence Survey.

Why Woodbury University?

Woodbury University endeavors to transform its affiliates from students and researchers into creative professionals who contribute responsibility and mastery to their communities. By providing all tools and means that lead them to academic excellence, by focusing on meaningful student participation. And creating external partnerships and ensuring that all of its processes, services and environment enrich the student experience.

Woodbury University develops on its campus the opportunity to have an interactive learning environment that focuses on free creative technical education based on practice and application.

Woodbury University offers a unique learning experience that combines adventure, experimentation and maximum benefit. Within an academic framework that maintains a student-to-faculty ratio of 9: 1. which enhances students ’benefit and interaction with their teachers. The University is also committed to providing its students with training Practical enough and even considered a condition for graduation in all disciplines. The university is also interested in supporting its students after graduation by linking them with ideal employment companies that provide them with excellent job opportunities.

The ratio of students to faculty members is 9: 1 and the average class size is only 15 students, which allows students to participate and learn in unconventional ways, and also allows the university to deal with its students in a more specific way and taking into account individual differences.

The university applies non-traditional educational curricula that take into account the individual aspect of each student and support his interest, and make him able to later engage in the market, through practical training and parallel theoretical preparation.

Being at Woodbury University is a great opportunity to get to know the city of Los Angeles (or San Diego). Learn about the city in its diversity, neighborhoods, and culture and be part of the event.

Woodbury University is one of the safest universities in the region. In 2017, Niche.com ranked Woodbury University campus as the third safe campus in California.

You will have a life full of movement, interaction and participation, through many specialized social programs, as well as many courses and educational meetings, as well as libraries and research centers that enable you to view the latest research and scientific papers, in addition to leisure trips abroad.

Academic programs:

The academic programs offered by Woodbury University are diverse and include many subspecialties that fall under four main divisions:

  • Business Administration.
  • Engineering Sciences.
  • Literary Sciences.
  • Media.

The University offers all academic degrees from Bachelor to Master to Doctorate.

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Specializing in Business Administration

The School of Business holds an AACSB accreditation, which was awarded to less than five percent of all business programs available worldwide. Business programs and their branches of specialization meet the needs of the labor market and keep abreast and continuously with all new developments in today’s economy, including new methods, means, and theories. Besides that, there are many accurate branches that come out from business specialization such as management, marketing, fashion marketing, and accounting, in addition to the possibility of obtaining a master’s degree in Business Management. The intensive Woodbury MBA program allows students to obtain it and study while balancing the requirements of their personal and professional lives.

Master of Business Administration:

Whether you are looking for a new degree or thinking about starting your own business or trying to increase your professional and practical experiences, the Woodbury MBA program is able to give you what you want and more. You are on a date with a program of knowledge richness and practical richness that put you on the threshold of familiarity with all the progress of the business and management world. This is a real preparation for you as a successful leader and manager, all this while ensuring the excellence of educational quality and the flexibility that allows you to start your own business at the same time as you study.

Lear more about the study in the USA.

Are you required to have a Bachelor in Business?

Applying for an MBA program does not require you to obtain a specialized degree in the same branch. If you hold a Bachelor’s degree in another discipline, Woodbury University provides you with a number of preparatory courses for building basic skills, after which you can direct your way toward joining Masters of Business Administration.

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Study fees:

(Excluding course fees and administrative expenses)

Tuition fees for each semester

Bachelor’s degree for 4 years:

12-18 hours ……………………. $ 19,185 per semester

11 subjects or less ……………………… $ 1,249 per hour

More than 18 hours (plus) ……………. $ 1,249 per hour

Master’s degree for 2 years:

Management (MBA) …………………… $20,000 per year

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