Preparation for Your Stay

After you have made your decision to come and study in the UK, the next thing you need to do is carefully plan your trip in order to make sure your stay in the UK is a success. As an international student, you need to start your plan early and use a timetable to get your things and requirement properly arranged. You will need to plan for the following before leaving your home country


visa249x156The most important document for your travel and study in the UK is your student visa. You need to plan ahead and know exactly the category of visa issued to you, the type of visa you carry will also determine whether can work as a student while studying.


housing in ukYou need to make temporary accommodation arrangement before your arrival at the UK. Fortunately, we can help and assist you to get a temporary accommodation pending your arrival before you opt for a permanent accommodation. Once you we find accommodation for you, we will send you the address to confirm the address and date when you are expected.

You also need to prepare and plan for your health. There are a number of health care advice center for students, you may wish to see their advice and information about the healthcare services available to you as an international student.

training courseStay in touch with your friends and family always. We are always available to provide you with any information and assistance you may need. So make sure once in a while you are in touch.

If you need further assistance on this, please feel free to call us and we will be glad to be of assistance to you.

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