Visa Requirements

To study in Australia, you must get a student visa before entering the country. Check out the following general requirements and see that if you and your circumstances comply with the following:

To get a student visa, you have to prove that you are financially stable and afford your studies and other charges during your stay in Australia. If you are not self sufficient, you need to show and prove that your parents or spouse are willing to support your studies and are at least earning AU$60000 yearly.  If you are self sufficient, you need to prove that are at least earning almost AU$20,000 yearly. Similarly, if you have children or spouse and want to take them with you during studies, you also need to show that you have enough to bear their living costs.

If you don’t belong to an English speaking country, you have to prove your English language proficiency. This doesn’t hold true if you have more than five years experience of studying in an English speaking country. To prove your proficiency, you have to take some tests and attain a minimum score to get in your desired degree.
Eligible tests include IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and CAE. Minimum scores for each test vary depending on the program that you are going to get enrolled into.  
Health requirements:
Some international students are asked by the authorities to take a medical check up to show that they are in good health, and are fit to continue their studies in Australia. This requires such students to take an appointment and go through a check up from a doctor who has been approved by the Australian Immigration Department.

To get a student visa, you  have to prove that you are of good character and do not hold significant criminal record. In some cases, students are required to submit a Police Certificate to the Immigration Department of Australia.

Apart from the aforementioned requirements, there is a requirement for Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) which shows that you only intend to go to Australia for the sake of studies and you have no intent to permanently reside there. For this purpose, many students are required to go through an interview at Immigration office while others are only required to submit a bias application form.
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