Study Cost

Recently it has become mandatory for all USA universities to legally include financial aid calculator and fees on their websites. This development has made it easier for intending students to be able to calculate how much money is required for them to study and live in the university and cost of what aid they may be eligible for.

Students can access NET CALCULATORS from the government’s College Affordability and Transparency Center. Also, students can have access to details of universities in the US with the lowest and highest tuition fees

Public two year colleges

$11,052 / Year
  • Tuition & other fees 3,347
  • Room and Board 7,705

Public two year colleges in states

$18,943 / Year
  • Tuition & other fees 9,139
  • Room and Board 9,804

Public four year colleges out of states

$32,762 / Year
  • Tuition & other fees 22,958
  • Room and Board 9,804

Private non Profit four Year Colleges

$42,419 / Year
  • Tuition & other fees 31,231
  • Room and Board 11,188

Average Living Expenses

Students will spend approximately $10,000 annually as living expenses which include accommodation and other daily expenses.However, there are different types of expenses for a different type of people depending on lifestyles.

Major expenses in general

  • Rent: $400 per month (Student can live in a shared apartment or live alone)
  • Groceries: $100 per month
  • Phone $:100 per month
  • Utilities: $100 per month
  • Sundry: $200 per month
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