Study in Switzerland




Why Study in Switzerland?

Switzerland is located in a great location. As it is bordered by France, Germany, and Italy. In addition, because of its location, Switzerland has four different national languages. It is a very interesting country to study and live in.

Here are four reasons to study in Switzerland:

1- Excellent MBA program:
Switzerland is the home to some of the world’s best business minds. Especially in the fields of “hospitality, banking, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals”. All of that makes Switzerland the best place to learn and to work in.

2- Switzerland is the best place for the international students:
Switzerland is the friendliest country that you can find. If you decided to study in Switzerland, you will find it comfortable, polite, efficient and technological.

3- Switzerland is the best country for your health:
Switzerland is a very beautiful country. If you decided to live in it, you will find it fall of “mountains, lakes, and forests”. The sunsets and sunrises are amazing in Switzerland. Its water is local and healthy. Its air is fresh. In addition, if you are a sports person, you will love skiing, rowing, cycling, jogging, and hiking in Switzerland.

4- Scholarship opportunities:
Switzerland has many scholarship opportunities for the international students. You will find that the cost of education in Switzerland is very low compared to other countries. In addition, you will find a big number of governmental scholarships.

 Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

In both public and private universities, fees are the same for EU and non-EU students:

Tuition Fees:

– Bachelor and Master Programs: 1600 Euro per year.

– Other departments such as medicine: up to 16000 Euro per year.

Estimated Cost of Living:

The international student, who wants to study in Switzerland, should plan his average budget between 1000 to 1400 Euro per month.

General Costs (per month):
 Housing  300 – 500 Euro ​
Food 250 – 300 Euro
Transportation 40 – 50 Euro
Books 90 Euro
Health insurance 300-330 Euro

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