Undergraduate Pathway Program

About the program

We offer reliable and affordable undergraduate pathway programs designed to prepare students to study and earn an undergraduate degree from the USA. We also assist students with slightly lower grade point averages, English language proficiency or SAT/ACT test scores.

When you combine intensive language study, academic skills development, and academic coursework, our undergraduate Pathway programs will then prepare and help you move successfully through the first semester and the 1st. and 2nd.year of a 4year degree program.

After a student has passed through our pathway program successfully such student is sound enough to further their education to study their undergraduate degree program in the US.

For any US university you wish to gain admission to, there are minimum entry requirements depending on your chosen academic program.


Some minimum requirements are

  • High school diploma with 2.0-2.7 GPA
  • IELTS 5.5+
  • No SAT or ACT scores required
  • TOEFL iBT 60+
  • One of these English proficiency tests
    • PTEA 44+

This program is specifically designed for students who need fast track way to attain their academic success with ease.

Undergraduate Pathway Program is Ideal for:

  1. Students who wish to study for an undergraduate degree in US universities
  2. Students who want to study and live with Americans and other international students.
  3. Students who are in need to improve their English language proficiency skills
  4. Students with lower GPAs than required for direct entry students.
  5. Students who do not have ACT or SAT test scores
  6. Students who’s desire is to attain additional academic success, cultural and language support
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