1. Yaseen Alhendi

    Hi there

    Actually I'm looking for an offer to study an industrial PhD in Biotechnology in the United states, Uk or Australia.
    But I found that it is difficult to find a program states that it is an industrial PhD in biotechnology.
    However, I found that there are many partnership between big Pharma companies and Universities involving PhD studies.
    My question is, how can I find out about these programs? Industrial PhD in biotechnology or Pharmaceutical sciences and I want to enroll in one of it.

    Looking forward to hearing from you, and hope you can help me
    Best wishes
    Yaseen Alhendi

  2. abdullah aljunaibi

    Hi GGSA,

    I am Aubdullah Aljunaibi, an electrical engineering student at Griffith university , Australia. I would like to transfer to CSUN or CSULB to complete my studies in campus . I would like to know what are the procedures to get an admission offer . Also, can I transfer my credit points to these universities ?. I have done 15 courses at Griffith University .

    Kind regards

    note : I am a sponsored student by the government of Oman .

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