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Why Study in Ireland?

International students’ number who visits Ireland is growing every year. International students benefit from the high education quality and the unique cultural experience in Ireland.

The Irish government invests over 782 million per year in research in Ireland. The Irish universities are at the top of the research field in the whole world.

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– Ireland is considered as the largest exporter of software in the world. In addition, it is recognized as an international place for high-quality scientific research.

– Ireland’s people speak the English language, which makes things very easy for the international students.

– The new Irish government rules allow students to stay for 6 months then they can seek for jobs after that.

– Ireland has five universities in the top 300 overall ranking in the world.

– Ireland is the most globalized nation in the world.


Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

If you decide to study in Ireland, you need to calculate how much amount of money you need to study and live in it.

Study Cost:

University fees:

EU students can study free.

Fees for non-EU students:

– Undergraduate courses are between 9000 to 450000 Euro per year.

– Postgraduate master and Ph.D. courses are between 9150 to 37000 Euro per year.

Living Expenses:

An average international student in Ireland will spend between 7000 to 12000 Euro per year.

General Costs per month:

350 – 500 Euro


250 Euro


119 Euro


71 Euro


45 Euro


20 Euro

Mobile Phone

153 Euro


100 Euro


45 Euro

Medical insurance


Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for courses and universities in Ireland can vary from year to year. That is why you need to keep track and check the website of the university that you want to apply to see the new requirements and their updates.

The international student, who wants to apply to an Irish university or institute, receives an application number on his e-mail.

After that, he logs into his account on the website of the page and writes his personal information, qualification and assessment details such as school qualifications. If you have any other types of qualifications that you want to include, you can do it. After that, you will be asked to enter the details of your employment, provide contact details for two referees, and complete a statement experience and your educational goals. After that, you can write your hobbies. After that, you can choose the course that you want to study. 

If you are applying as an undergraduate student:

There are no admissions requirements except that you need to choose the course that you studied in your high school in your home.

Undergraduate degree courses require higher GPA in school while diploma courses are more lenient as far as academic records are concerned. 

If you are applying as a postgraduate student:

You need to have a relevant bachelor degree or diploma. Your undergraduate course must be in the same field such as the course that you choose to study your masters in.

visa process

Visa Process

In order to study in Ireland as an international student, Ireland requires that you have a student visa.

In order to apply for a student visa so that you can be able to go and study in Ireland, you need to have the following documents:

– Letter of acceptance from a recognized university in Ireland confirming that you have been accepted on a course to study in it.

– Evidence of your academic ability to take the course that you choose in the English language.

– Evidence that the fees for the course have been paid fully.

– Evidence that you have enough funds to live in Ireland.

– evidence that you have access to at least 7000 Euro for each subsequent year of your studies, in addition to the course fees for each year of those years.

– An explanation of any gaps in your educational history.

– A confirmation that you intend to return to your country after leaving Ireland.

– Two recent color passport sized photos.

– Passport and a full copy of any previous passports.

– A signed letter of application including your full contact details.

– English language proficiency certificate.

– Medical insurance.

You must submit all of these documents to the Irish embassy in your country in order for it to extract the student visa for you.

Our office is ready to help you with all procedures starting from finding the right universities and courses to the admission and getting the acceptance letter until the applying for the student visa and the admission to the university.

study language

Study Language in Ireland

Study Irish Language in Ireland:

Studying in Ireland gives you the opportunity to learn the Irish language if you want and do not worry the Irish accent is easy to understand which makes the English studies easier and more enjoyable when using the language with the Ireland people daily.

If you decided to learn the Irish language, there are a lot of universities and institutes that have an Irish and Celtic language department, which includes a range of courses and programs.

There are also a various undergraduate and postgraduate degrees available. 

The Irish universities and institutes make sure that the international students can study a variety of modules.

Study English Language in Ireland:

Studying in Ireland gives you the opportunity to complete your English language Education and improve yourself in it. You can earn your degree while learning the most widely spoken in the world. In addition, Irish universities give you the chance to take English classes, which helps you to perform better in your academic studies.

International students have to meet the minimum English language requirements in order to grant a student visa permission.

If you want to study English in Ireland, you will find a lot of universities and institutes, which introduce English language courses to the international students.

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