St. Croix Academy boarding school offer $15,000 scholarship

Great university preparatory education where graduates have the opportunity to earn their way into schools like MIT, Cornell, UC – Berkeley, Harvard, University of MN, and 100s of other great American universities. A reasonable cost of 37,200 USD. 15,000USD scholarship available for qualified applicants, bringing total costs to 22,200USD. And more reasons why parents prefer to send their kids to boarding school..

5 Reasons why to Choose boarding schools for girls in the US?

Girls' Boarding Schools. Many prefer choosing a girls' school to send their daughters instead of sending them to co-educational schools. They justify their choice with a number of grounds that will be later maintained, in addition, there is a range of research and studies indicating that girls are learning quite differently from boys.

10 Important facts about boarding schools in United States

Some families prefer to send their children to boarding schools, a type of school where students live during the period of schooling, where they return to their parents only on holidays, and the task of boarding schools is to prepare their students for entry into working life at college and university level. In this article, we will learn about 10 important facts about boarding schools.

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