5 Reasons why to Choose boarding schools for girls in the US?

5 Reasons why to Choose boarding schools for girls in the US?

Many parents prefer to send their daughters to USA boarding schools for girls instead of co-educational schools. They might be making the right decisions, knowing that many researches and studies indicate that girls learn quite differently from boys. 

So if you would like to send your daughter to a girls boarding school, to help her to grow and develop her personality in the right place, there are more than 30 boarding schools for girls in the US. Every boarding school out there has its own goals and visions. However, they are all similar when it comes to safety, quality of education and good preparation for academic life. 

So if you’re wondering why choose an all girls boarding school, check these 5 reasons why you should do so!

Girls' Boarding Schools

5 Reasons to Choose boarding schools for girls

1. Protecting her from deviations

Many of the deviations that happen due to the mix between boys and girls do not happen in girls’ boarding schools. Meanwhile girls would be able to develop themselves, exploring new worlds and thinking outside the box without any kind of obstacles, which is definitely going to help her to succeed in her life.

2. Well-qualified teachers and academics for girls’ education

Girls boarding schools provide the best teachers with advanced degrees who have enough experience to match America’s demand for high-quality education.

Teachers and academic staff believe in this type of single-sex education and know very well how girls learn. In addition, girls’ boarding schools provide care and encouragement factors that girls need to be able to achieve what they aspire to, by providing models that play roles that appeal to girls and motivate them to self-fulfillment.

3. Educational and community environment

Girls boarding schools maintain a perfect educational environment, where girls feel safe to express themselves. Most girls at these boarding schools report that they are very comfortable being free, which helps them to focus more on their learning.  

In addition, being boys free schools, makes them put all their focus on the needs of girls.

4. Help girls to achieve unlimited professional ambitions

By sending your daughter to girls boarding schools, you’re helping her to be prepared for the world beyond school. It’s well established that boarding schools for girls empower students to become bold leaders, by focusing on the development of teamwork over other qualities of leadership.

Your daughter will not have limited or frustrating professional aspirations and will not succumb to known traditional stereotypes for girls, and that’s because this type of schools will provide her with programs and tools through which she can go beyond her expectations and her faith in her ability to manage things as she can be a president of universities or even head of State.

5 Reasons to Choose boarding schools for girls

5. Initiative and Positive

Robin Robertson said:” when girls go to single-sex schools, they stop being part of the audience and become players”, and this is one of the most important reasons for girls to enroll in a girls’ boarding school as this gives her a lot of courage and experience in high school to face challenges strongly and gives her strengths that can lead her ways through. In other ways, the school sends messages to the girls on a daily basis that nothing can stand in their way.

The above was the answer to many families who ask themselves, “What does a girls’ boarding school do better?

Girls in American girls’ boarding schools can express themselves quite freely and create a culture of academic achievement as 80% of girls in the girls’ boarding school consider their academic performance to be very successful, plus the providing of building self-confidence factors, developing leadership skills and engaging in collective action. Compared to their female colleagues of co-educational school graduates.

In a survey of female graduates of one-sex schools conducted by the Goodman Research Group, 93 percent of girls’ boarding school graduates in America received more leadership opportunities than their female colleagues in co-educational schools, and 80 percent of them had occupied leadership positions since graduating from high school.

On the other hand, a study prepared for the US Department of Education noted that “positive academic and behavioral interactions between teachers and students in single-sex schools are more common than in mixed schools.”

These are the most important reasons why many families choose to enroll their girls in a girls’ boarding school to achieve a better educational level.

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