Study MBA in the USA at Half Tuition Fees !

Study MBA in the USA at Half Tuition Fess !

If you are looking for an affordable MBA program in the USA, Golden Gate offers you the chance to study MBA in the USA at half tuition fees! This is your chance to broaden your academic and professional experiences in business administration. In addition to obtaining a widely recognized degree from one of the best universities in the USA. 

About The University of Massachusetts Boston

The University of Massachusetts Boston is a public research university in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It was founded in 1852, and it is the only public research university in Boston and the third-largest campus in the five-campus University of Massachusetts system.

The university host around 16,000 enrolled students, with a large number of international students from all over the world.

Study MBA at UMass Boston University in the USA with affordable tuition fees 

The MBA program at Umass Boston is a flexible and streamlined 12-course, AACSB-accredited, immersive business program. International students can choose to pursue this MBA program full-time (one year) or part-time for about five years. Students can also study the course on campus, online, or a combination of the two.

One of the best features of the MBA program at Umass Boston in the USA is that classes meet in the evenings, typically just once a week.

Umass Boston University’s MBA program was ranked 120th in the United States for 2023 as the top part-time MBA program. Students at Umass Boston can customize it with one of 11 unique specializations.

Recently, the University of Massachusetts Boston has launched a special MBA program called One Price Tuition Option MBA. This program offers students the chance to get an MBA degree with half the  typical tuition fees for MBA programs in the US.

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One Price Tuition Option MBA in the USA

This program was launched for helping international students to cut their tuition fees in half. Some of the best features of this program are:

  • Flexible studying options combining online and in-person coursework.  
  • Online and in-person courses are in compliance with F1 visa requirements for international students. 
  • Only 12 courses/ 36 credits are required for degree completion.
  • A part-time study option is available with up to 5 years of degree completion for international students.

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The cost of the One Price Tuition Option MBA at the University of Massachusetts Boston

To get a better idea, let’s have a close look at the cost differences between normal MBA programs and One Price Tuition Option MBA at the University of Massachusetts Boston in the USA.

MBA types Per-credit Tuition Per-course Tuition Credit MBA 36 Tuition 
In-person MBA $1,520 $4,560 $54,720
One-Price Tutition Option $695 $2,085 $25,020

As shown above, the cost of One Price Tutition Option MBA is half the cost comparing to the normal (in-person) MBA program offered by the same university. Hence, the total tuition fees for a One Price Tuition Option MBA that combines online and in-person education is just US$25,020.

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What is the MBA coursework at the University of Massachusetts Boston?

As previously indicated, this low-cost MBA program in the USA consists of 12 courses, which are shown in the table below:

MBA Courses Semester
MBAMGT 650 Organizational Analysis & Skills Spring 2022 (in-person)
MBAMS 640 Computer Information Systems Spring 2022 (in-person)
MBA AF 601 Economics for Managers Fall 2022 (online)
MBAMGT 660 Business and Its Environment Fall 2022 (in-person)
MBA AF 610 Accounting for Managers Fall 2022 (in-person)
MBAMS 630 Statistical Analysis for Managers Fall 2022 (online)
MBA AF 620 Financial Management Spring 2023 (online)
Elective 1 Spring 2023 (online)
MBAMKT 670 Marketing Management Spring 2023 (online)
MBAMGT 689 Strategic Management Fall 2023 (in-person)
Elective 2 Fall 2023 (in-person)
MBAMS 635 Operations Management Fall 2023 (online)

In-person courses are held Monday through Thursday in the evening from 5:30-8:15 pm and meet once a week.

Online courses are asynchronous, allowing you to learn on your own schedule with no set day or time.

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Steps to studying MBA in the USA with affordable tuition fees

To be eligible to study the MBA program in the USA at Half Tuition fees, you need a bachelor’s degree related to business administration. Acceptance is entirely based on the student’s qualification and submission of all required documentation. Students’ applications and requirements must be evaluated first as in some cases they might request GRE/GMAT results.

We at Golden Gate guarantee you all assistance and consultation to get your acceptance and start your application as soon as possible. Applying through us is very simple and clear, starting by giving you a free consultation to address all of your questions, and ending by making sure you are living your dream study journey. All you have to do is click the button below and fill out your request, and one of our academic advisers will contact you within 24 hours!  

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